Top 13 Winter Wedding Venues in Minnesota

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These winter wedding venues in MN are outstanding. See who made #1!

Top 13 Winter Wedding Venues in Minnesota

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Finding the best wedding venue can be stressful, so we are here to help you find the best winter wedding venue in all of Minnesota.

We've already provided you with the following "best of Minnesota" series:

Best Winter Wedding Venues in MN

When a couple is planning to tie the knot, one of their dreams is to find the most stunning venue for their wedding venue. It becomes even trickier when its winter as the couple need to brave the cold and host a wedding affair despite the cold.

If you’re planning to have your wedding in Minnesota, this article will highlight some of the best winter wedding venues in MN.

During winter, the temperatures can shoot and maybe become extremely cold and wet. Thus, is essential to plan for the worst and be ready to embrace the season with open arms. The wedding team needs to consider the best dressing to wear.

Men mostly clad suits and tuxedos during weddings which can be quite okay even in colder temperatures. The ladies, on the other hand, wear clothes that are a bit sensitive to such temperatures. It is thus necessary to consider getting dresses that are still fit for any weather. 

The bride also needs to find a stylish gown that will help her brave the cold. It’s evident that holding a wedding during this period takes a little more effort than when it all sunny and warm.

But that shouldn’t hold you back because winter wedding can still be fun and gorgeous.

Winter wedding venues in MN mostly comprise of cozy indoor places, but even outdoor wedding venues can even give you an unforgettable wedding experience.

Top 13 Winter Wedding Venues in MN

These venues are all extraordinary. If you want to have a winter wedding, you should consider all 13 of these venues in Minnesota.

Here are the top 13 winter wedding venues in Minnesota from the bottom to the best:

  1. Park Point Beach House.

Another stunning winter wedding venue is the Park Point Beach House. Located on the sandy shores of Lake Superior, this venue is ideal for wedding parties with décor and catering in mind. It is run by the local YMCA and offers some beautiful amenities. However, it leaves a majority of details in the couples’ hands.

  1. Glenshen: The Historic Congdon Estate.

Number 12 is Gleshen which was built between 1905 and 1908. It is a 39-room mansion and one of the most visited historic sites in Minnesota.

The grand 7-acre estate Gleshen is one of the most beautiful grounds to host a winter wedding in MN. It is adjacent to a lake and couples can create intimate lakeside bonfires in these stunning wedding grounds.

  1. The Inn on Lake Superior.

Second last on our list is the Inn on Lake Superior. It provides the Northern Lights Ballroom, lodging, catering, as well as beautiful lake views. If you’re looking for a place for your engagement party or your wedding ceremony and reception, the Inn on Lake Superior can host your special day and can accommodate both small and large wedding-related events.

  1. Pine Peaks Wedding and Event Center.

At Pine Peaks, couples can enjoy a rustic and elegant winter wedding in MN.  Located near Crosslake MN, Pine Peaks is a gorgeous wedding wilderness sanctuary. Couples and guests can do pleasurable activities away from distractions.

  1. Great Lakes Aquarium.

Located in Duluth Waterfront, Great Lakes Aquarium was opened in 2000. The venue can accommodate an indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony. With 24-foot sparkling water backdrop, Great Lakes Aquarium is a unique reception that will thrill your wedding guests. It can host up to 160 people in a seated dinner.

  1. Pondview Barn.

If you’re looking for a rustic wedding venue surrounded by natural beauty views, then with Pondview Barn you can never go wrong. The venue rustic ranch winter wedding venue in MN and is located 3 miles east of Pine Island that can host up to 250 guests.

The surrounding beautiful sceneries make the place one of the ideal outdoor winter wedding venues in MN.  It is nestled amidst 10 acres of trees, soybean and corn fields which makes it a scenic backdrop for the party photos. It is equipped with three event spaces and was renovated recently. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor spectacular views, Pondview Barn is a private and serene venue for your winter wedding. Pondview Barn is one of the most enchanting locations and the best winter wedding venue in MN.

  1. Rolling Ridge Wedding and Event Center.

Rolling Ridge is a very breathtaking winter wedding venue in MN. Surrounded by majestic oaks and historical buildings, Rolling Ridge fits the description of an exceptional setting for your wedding.

For a couple looking for rustic and vintage charm, then Rolling ridge is a perfect choice. It is in a remote location and can host up to 300 guests. With open fields and running water sounds, Rolling Ridge is such a stunning venue for you to say I do.

  1. Kitchi Gammi Club.

Founded in 1883 and opened in 1914, Kitchi Gammi Club is yet another Duluth landmark. It is most fit for couples interested in architecture and history. It is overlooking Lake Superior, and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor accommodations.

The wedding party can access to in-house catering, experienced event planners, and four guest suites for the bridal party. Kitchi Gammi Club is among the best Duluth wedding venues.

  1. Greysolon Ballroom by Black Woods.

Built in 1925, Greysolon Ballroom is one of the best Duluth wedding venues. It has a romantic ambiance for a wedding event. It has a variety of rooms that can host intimate dinner parties or large-scale weddings. It is adorned with hand-painted ceilings and great chandeliers, Blackwoods has restored Greysolon Ballroom glory.

It can accommodate all sorts of room arrangements from sit-down dining to the dancing floor, to a cocktail atmosphere. It offers the couples a romantic backdrop for a luxurious wedding ceremony experience. Besides the 3,780 square foot ballroom, the couple can also book the Black Woods Moorish Room, the lobby and Black Water Lounge, among others.

  1. The Gardens of Castle Rock.

From their tagline that says love grows at the gardens, to the surrounding nature, The Gardens of Castle Rock is the most stunning outdoor wedding venues in MN.

It is surrounded by a park of nature with open lawns, mature trees, perennial gardens, flower, and landscaping containers. The couple can choose where to host their ceremony from four different options available.  The beautiful sceneries are the perfect backdrops for taking the wedding photos and capture those precious memories.

The countryside woods, pergolas, and the rustic structures make the venue unique and beautiful to capture the memories of the day. Having a garden wedding may be your dream, but nuptials after a fresh snowfall and cool breeze may damper your big day and thus its vital to consider a backup plan.  It is suitable if you plan to have a short wedding ceremony say 15 to 20 minutes with a plan to head indoors for cocktails.

 3. Northland Country Club.

Established in 1899 and renovated in 1927, the Northland Country Club is one of the top five golf courses in Minnesota and features grass fairways and greens. It can accommodate up to 280 guests in its Majestic Ballroom. The couple doesn’t need to be members of the golf club to book or use the space. The venue offers two verandas overlooking the ballroom. It gives you a chance to work with the on-site culinary team and event coordinators on your wedding party.

2. Duluth Entertainment Convention Center.

On the edge of the harbor sits the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center which is suitable for hosting large weddings as well as receptions. The couple also gets access to the in-house catering.

The venue can accommodate between 150-425 guests. The clear views of the water and the surrounding landmarks make the venue one of the best winter wedding venues in Minnesota.=

1.Mayowood Stone Barn.      

Top on our list is the Mayowood Stone Barn. Located in Rochester MN, Mayowood Stone Barn is stacked with limestone walls and twinkling lights and is one of the spectacular winter wedding venues in MN.

It is a historic ranch with a century-old stone building as well as the beauty of the grounds. Mayowood Stone Barn is a fantastic MN wedding venue for couples looking for a vintage themed set up on their special day. It has four event places and if a couple book the barn to host their wedding; all of their locations are reserved for them.

Related Winter Wedding Decorations

If you want to have a winter wedding and do it with success, you need to have the right winter wedding decorations to compliment it.

It's very hard to pull off a 'beach themed' wedding during the peak winter season in Minnesota. If that's what you want, go for it! However, we love the sleek look of these winter wedding decorations during those blistery Minnesota winters.

Event Supply Shop has an entire section of wedding decorations to choose from.

Here are some of our favorite winter wedding decorations.

1. Modern Barn Lantern

One of our top selling items - you can't fin this anywhere else. These brass lanterns add a unique feel to any event. Perfectly sized for table decorations throughout your event. Jazz up a barn wedding, or pair with lush greens for a modern or fairy-like feel. Use a tea light inside, or pair with our flameless tea lights!

If you use real flames, this can look great outside during pictures!

Modern Barn Lantern

2. Love You More Sign

Artwork is designed and laser cut in our small shop located in Washington State. Sign is backed with 1/4" plywood and wording is cut from 1/8" birch.

Love You More Sign

3. Modern Fairy String Lights

Fairy during winter? Yes, please! These can sparkly during those chilly night times and light up any event. 

Fairy String Lights bring instant magic to your event and outdoor space. Perfect for patio gatherings or decorating jars and branches, these LED lights create a spellbinding ambiance with their bright, bendable design. Hang one string for a decorative accent or string up multiple strands for an enchanting statement.

Copper Wire String Light 8 Modes Auto Timing

Conclusion on Winter Wedding Venues in Minnesota

If you’re in Minnesota and looking to do your nuptials during this winter, then it is congratulations to you. I hope that you will find a perfect choice of the winter wedding venues in MN from this list.

What are your favorite winter wedding venues in Minnesota? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!

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