Matron of Honor Meaning: What's the Difference from Maid of Honor?

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What is the difference between a matron of honor and the maid of honor? We evaluate the important duties of the matron of honor in a wedding.

Matron of Honor Meaning: What's the Difference from Maid of Honor?

At Event Supply Shop, we are focused with how we can make your wedding day better. We've heard a lot of differences between matron of honor and maid of honor. We are here to help you recognize the difference to help you plan your wedding better.

Have you ever been approached with a request to be a maid or matron of honor? A wedding is a special ceremony where two people are united in marriage.

Planning a wedding is a very daunting task. One extraordinary person to every bride on this journey towards the wedding is the matron of honor.

A lot of people wonder what the difference between these two words is, “the maid of honor and the matron of honor”.

This article will explore the difference between maid and matron of honor as well as the duties they play. 

Matron of Honor vs. Maid of Honor

Let’s look at the meaning of matron of honor vs. maid of honor. The matron of honor meaning is very simple and straightforward.

Matron of honor is the woman who attends to the needs of the bride and has already done a wedding of her own. The maid of honor, on the other hand, is an unmarried woman also attending the bride. A maid of honor is sometimes referred to as ‘chief bridesmaid’ or “honor attendant”.

If a bride approaches you to attend her on her wedding day, then it means that you are an exceptional person, trustworthy and very close to her.

Traditionally, the bride chose her sister or a close female friend to play the role of the honor attendant.

She must be a confidant and someone who not only listens to her but also advises her on various matters regarding the wedding and even in marriage. The bride can open up to the maid of honor about anything, particularly about her wedding plans.

A maid of honor can also be a person that the bride can trust to play the role right. It can either be a male (in some instances) but mostly a female so long as it is a person who can take on the responsibilities of helping out in planning the wedding and can meet the brides’ expectations.

It brings us to our next question, what are the matron of honor duties?

Duties of the Matron of Honor

The maid of honor duties involves helping the bride in different aspects before, during and after the wedding:

  1. Duties of the Matron of Honor before the Wedding Day

Before the wedding day, the bride has a lot of things to accomplish. There are numerous plans that the bride has to make before the wedding day.

She needs to buy and fit a wedding gown, decide the theme color of the wedding day, arrange the design and type of cake with the vendor, find a catering team as well as the book the location where the event will occur to mention but a few. 

The maid of honor helps the bride plan the wedding to ensure that all the preparations necessary have been made before the big day.

It may involve assisting the bride with decisions on everything including the venue, color scheme, cake, registering for wedding gifts, visiting wedding fairs, attending rehearsals, dress shopping, organizing transport and accommodation.

She should offer the bride honest feedback regarding the dress or hairstyle tells the bride the one that suit or doesn’t suit you, among other nitty-gritty things.

The maid of honor may help the bride in writing the guest cards and invitations as well as follow up with the guests who haven’t made any response.

It will help the bride get a final head count so that they can organize guest seating arrangements, catering, and wedding favors among others.

She also plays the role of helping the bride fit her wedding gown to ensure that the size, color and décor are perfect. Another responsibility is to provide that the theme color is on point.

She may also need to ensure that the rest of the bridesmaids' dresses are right in both color and print and shoes are matching perfectly well with the wedding theme color.

Another role that the maid of honor plays is planning the hen party. She can help choose the location as well as the activities that will take place in the event.

She can also assist in creating the guest list, collecting any gifts, and organizing funds collection.

Organizing the bridal shower is also another responsibility of the maid of honor. It usually takes place a few days/weeks or the night before the big day.

She will help the bride to host or co-host the bridal shower. Before the big day, the maid of honor must ensure everything is going as it should be. She should visit the ceremony venue and reception rooms to ensure that all is well.

The maid of honor will also be answerable to family, guests, friends and vendors including the photographer, the band, the caterer and more. 

She acts as the intermediary between people and the bride, and she will give out any specifications for example, if there are any particular photos the couple wants to have taken. The maid of honor must then ensure that everyone gets to where they are supposed to be or needed on time.

  1. Duties of the Matron of Honor during the Wedding Day

A primary duty of the MOH is to attend to the bride on her wedding day. One of the primary responsibilities of the maid of honor is to help the bride get ready on the day of the wedding.

An important aspect is that she should carry emergency accessories with her for just in case which may include a sewing kit, tissues, mints, safety pins, mints, a bottle of water, chalk to rub on the gown if it gets any stains on.

She should also ensure that the bride has the right meal for breakfast, for example, milk in place of tea/coffee.

The matron of honor will help the bride dress up and put on the make-up. She will also be there to keep the bride calm and in good spirits, to ensure that she doesn’t get overwhelmed with things.

She should help her with something that can calm the nerves. She should aid the bride in the bathroom if she has any difficulty with the dress.

The matron of honor responsibilities are numerous on this day. Leading the other bridesmaids are also one of her duties.

It can involve directing them through their duties including getting their dresses ready, fitting and briefing them on other details about the wedding.

The other bridesmaids may also assist in some matters as well. The matron of honor will play the role of a director and show the rest of the team how things should proceed.

Besides being responsible in ensuring that all bridesmaids get to the rehearsal, she should also assist in coordinating transportation and lodging (if need be).

Another task is to provide that all the bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done on time and has the right bouquet.

Another responsibility of the matron of honor is to hold the bouquet while the couple exchanges the vows during the wedding ceremony. She may also keep the ring of the groom during the ceremony.

A few tissues will help wipe out happy tears, and thus she should have them close by too. Another very crucial role is to sign the marriage license. Both the best man and the maid of honor should also sign the marriage license as witnesses.

Another important duty is to help with the handling of gifts. Together with the other bridesmaids, the maid of honor show guests to their seats collect any wedding gifts, and envelopes brought to the reception and help keep them in a safe place.

The maid of honor will also assist with the cake cutting tasks and direct the bride in serving the key people at the wedding.

  1. Duties of the Matron of Honor after Wedding Day

Another critical role comes when the wedding is over. It involves helping the bride get ready for the honeymoon by arranging where the gown will be stored until the bride return from the honeymoon.

The matron of honor can also help the bride change out the wedding dress. If the bride goes for the honeymoon immediately, she’ll assist her to prepare to leave too.

For example, she can help her pack everything she will need for honeymoon. The matron of honor may continue to be a close confidant of the bride even in marriage.

Conclusion on Matron of Honor

A matron of honor can make a world of difference when it comes to wedding preparations. If you get an honor to be picked as one, be the best that you can be and leave the bride with no regrets.'

What are your thoughts on the matron of honor? We'd love to hear from you in the comments. 

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