How to: Barn Chic Weddings

Rustic barn weddings have been all the rage recently. But what if you want a rustic wedding without the llamas and hay? We have you covered.

Make your barn wedding timeless

When fifteen years have passed you'll want to look at your wedding photos and smile, not say what is that pig with a bouquet? Barn weddings are cozy, comfortable, and fun. But, maybe you're a bride who wants to add some classic touches to your barn wedding. 

Incorporate wood at your barn wedding

Use wood throughout your wedding events. From the wedding invitations to the rehearsal dinner and into your reception, wood should be a constant theme.

Make your barn wedding chic

Now the tricky part - adding chic elements to modernize your barn wedding. Chic up your space with clean lines and light colors.

  • Stay clear from loud colors like neon
  • Use white aisle runners
  • Think clean tablecloths instead of wooden tables


Chic barn wedding photos

Tell your photographer exactly what you want. Clean lines, the fun-rustic feel, but with a touch of modern. After all, you want your photos to be timeless! 

Barn Chic Wedding

Barn wedding collection

Check out our rustic and classic collections to build the perfect chic barn wedding!

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