Why Weddings Are a Scam

When it comes to weddings, people have a lot of opinions about where to spend money. You're talking to vendors, event spaces, caterers, event planners, florists, makeup artists, DJs and more. There are thousands of vendors waiting for wedding sales season to pry off of people's joy and excitement for their big day and make a big paycheck.

According to the Association of Wedding Professionals, the wedding industry nets about $86 billion per year. Yes, that's BILLION.


Vendors overcharge for everything. Its an industry that wants your hard earned money to finance their own. There is nothing more satisfying than building your own wedding the way you want it and every vendor will build it your way - for the right price. Did you know weekends are considered holidays for some vendors? That means you pay time and a half for labor unless your wedding is on Monday.

A Wedding Today = Down Payment for a House 

The numbers don't lie. According to CostOfWedding.com, the average cost for a wedding in Minneapolis, MN (reasonable cost of living city) with guests between 100 - 200 people is $25,777 and $42,962. 

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 That dream house you and your partner saved for? That's all going to vendors if you don't plan it out right. 

Event Planners

Literally, the worst. First off, if you are planning a wedding in a space that requires a wedding planner you may as well hand over your life savings. A wedding planner's sole purpose on your big day to make sure you have the best of everything, and all of everything you didn't even know you needed. (Why you absolutely need those diamond napkin rings!)

Wedding planners have relationships with vendors because they help bring money into their wallets. Wedding planners tell you to splurge on that sequin table cloth rental that costs more to rent than buy yourself. 

Cut the costs here big time. If you have a wedding planner, purchase everything yourself and tell them to set it up. You'll save THOUSANDS on labor and rental fees!

Triple the Cost of Everything Wedding

As you begin planning a wedding you will notice that anything attached to the word "wedding" is triple the cost of normal event supplies. Tent rental $1,000. Wedding tent rental $5,000. You just can't win. Table Runner $35. Wedding party table runner rent for $150+installation and cleanup. (Cleanup on a weekend? Overtime fee for labor).

Cut costs by purchasing from online marketplaces who ship direct to you from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman. 

Save Money 

You can build a fantastic event on your own by purchasing your own supplies directly. At Event Supply Shop you can purchase the very best wedding supplies and trendy designs for an affordable price. Stop listening to your wedding planner who wants you to use the most expensive vendor in town, and purchase your supplies outright.

The best part? If you buy your own, you can resell your supplies to a consignment shop when you're done. Saving and earning! CHA-CHING!

Please let us know your thoughts on if you think wedding vendors scam people on their big day in the comment section below. 


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