The Ultimate 12 Romantic Wedding Room Decoration Ideas

The Ultimate 12 Romantic Wedding Room Decoration Ideas

Wedding can become more precious and intimate when you have a romantic wedding room decoration. Next to the bridal gown and bridal bouquet, the entire wedding room decoration is what the camera will capture all throughout the event. With so many available possibilities to make the wedding extraordinarily beautiful, a Flower is something that you should never miss.

The event will need gorgeous wedding flower arrangements and flower decorations depending on the theme of the wedding. Aside from flowers, there are plenty of things to maximize for the decorations.

Here are the 12 ultimate romantic wedding room decoration ideas worth considering for your one-of-a-kind wedding:

  1. Attractive Flower Walls

Flowers beautifully arranged and attached on the walls as backdrop or as venue design, will surely turn any room into a haven of romance. The wedding expert florist in Singapore surely has tons of romantic ideas when it comes to flower walls based on the wedding style or theme or on the motif. The modern design, however, does not require the use of densely packed or extra huge flower petals to decorate the walls but some vines and blooms can be combined for a picturesque wall or backdrop.

  1. Stylish Chandeliers

Good lighting is very essential to any wedding rooms but for a romantic wedding room, chandeliers will create such an impact. The flickering lights illuminate the room while enhance the romantic setup. The wedding florist may have plenty of ideas for the designs of chandeliers to use whether you prefer to have a fairytale wedding or a vintage one or a modern one.

  1. Lovely Ceilings

For a decadent feel or a lavish glamour, adding fabrics or laces to the ceilings will make the wedding room aesthetically lovely and romantic. The flower shop has the materials you need for the wedding, especially from the wedding florist shop. From soft tones to rich and bright colors of fabrics, you will find the perfect match for your wedding room decorations.

  1. Chic Table Decorations

Reception tables can be decorated with a uniformed flower arrangement or a variety of designs matched with your wedding style or theme. The wedding tables also include the presidential table and the bride and groom table. From fresh flowers to candles, linens, utensils, candlesticks, flower vases, and frames, everything can be maximized to come up with a romantic wedding decoration.  Almost all wedding florists have complete supplies of high quality materials for stylish and romantic wedding reception tables, including the centerpieces and table decorations.

  1. Creative Stage

Every wedding room will need a very creative bride and groom stage. Your wedding florist may even consider it as the focal point of the wedding decorations, especially for the reception. Most of the camera shots and photographs are expected to focus on the stage where the bride and groom are seated. Being said that, you may also need to allocate a big chunk of your decoration budget for the stage. On the other hand, you can always rely on the florist to handle the task at your budget.

  1. Charming Cake Table

The cake table can also be used to decorate the wedding room and make it more romantic. It is very important to get a charming cake table because the cake-slicing ceremony plays a big role in the celebration. The table should be picture-perfect as well.

  1. Sophisticated Chairs and Chair Covers

No matter what style of wedding you prefer to have, it is essential to have sophisticated and pleasing chairs and chair covers that match the table and compliment the wedding event. You can always ask for professional advice from your wedding florist.

  1. Eye-catching Wedding Signage/Signboard

The modern age of high technology and social media influences require Instagramable wedding signboards. You can even use a specific hashtag for your wedding and encourage your guests to use it whenever they take pictures and post them in their social media pages. You will enjoy it, too when it is decorated with eye-catching designs and message and a lovely hand bouquet or floral design.

  1. Memorable Photo Booth

A static photo booth is a great addition to any wedding decorations. It will not only add romantic appeal to your wedding event but will also make the day more memorable for both the bride and groom and for all the guests.

  1. Thoughtful Guest Book

The wedding will never be complete without the guests who come to celebrate with the bride and the groom. Your guests will be glad to have a special part in the wedding through the guest book. When it comes to thoughtful guest book, the florist can give you unique ideas.

  1. High Quality Furniture

High quality furniture will make the wedding more romantic and unforgettable. You will also give your guests a comfortable lounge and luxurious space in the wedding room where they can socialize with other guests and friends in the event.

  1. Perfect Wedding Accessories

Your wedding room will have complete romantic and aesthetic appeal when you choose to add accessories and finishing touches such as hanging lanterns and balloons, cascading greenery and garlands, and flowing ribbons and laces. You can also have wedding bubbles in chic style or wedding sparklers and poppers.

There are so many props and materials to use to make the wedding room uniquely impressive and wonderfully romantic. With the right wedding florist, you can have quality Flower for the fresh wedding flowers and for the gorgeous wedding decorations.

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