5 Best Free Wedding Planning Websites

Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding doesn't have to be stressful. The best way to make sure you are on track is to use a free wedding planning website to lay out a timeline for your special day. We've done the research and these are the top best free wedding planning websites across the internet.

Best free wedding planning websites

You asked, we listened. We researched hundreds of wedding planning websites to find you the best options for free wedding planning. Pick your favorite and start planning!

5. MyWedding Free Wedding Checklist and Budget Planning

MyWedding is a fan favorite. They have excellent resources for budgeting your wedding and planning out your timeline. The downside - their user experience design isn't as nice and the others on this list. But, they have all the tools you'll need to plan your wedding. 

One of our favorite free wedding planning features are their custom alerts. You can get alerts for timelines, checkins, and any other custom wedding planning feature. Whatever you want to be notified about to make sure you're on track you can set up.

We also like their budget planning feature. Budgeting a wedding is difficult: there are so many decorations and upgrades that you want to make but you don't want to overspend! Budgeting will show you where you are and where to spend extra cash if available. 

When you're budgeting and spending the tracker will let you know when you need to cut back and where to splurge. While you're budgeting, look at our website for low-cost decorations. Lots of clients save money with our linens and aisle runners

Check out the free wedding planning website here.

4. The Knot: Free Wedding Planning Checklist

The Knot is a great resource for all things wedding. They make one of the best checklists we've seen. All you need to do is input your wedding date and they populate a timeline with what needs to be done by when. If you are having a simple wedding without all the frills, you can mark things as "not needed" so they disappear from your to-dos. 

The highlight? Their timeline tracker. The founders of Event Supply Shop used the Knot's timeline for their own wedding and it was perfect. They keep you on track and make sure nothing falls behind. 

View the checklist here.

3. WeddingWire free wedding planning website

One of the hardest parts of wedding planning is picking vendors. Before you can start planning decorations or ordering invitations you have to select a location and food vendors. WeddingWire is an excellent resource to find vendors in your area. Whether you are looking for destination weddings locations or local food trucks, WeddingWire is the way to start.

The site also has great free wedding planning tools. You can even integrate your vendors in there. If you're looking for a catch all website this is the place to go. 

Once you pick your vendors and decide on a theme, come to Event Supply Shop and get some decorations. Make sure you show your event planner the linens, purchasing from us can save thousands!

View their free wedding planning tools and vendor lists here.

2. Free wedding planning app: Wedding Happy

For the couple on the go! Wedding planning can be done anywhere with the Wedding Happy app. They made our list because they make great lists! We love that you can take this app anywhere and add in notes when you're on the go. They have pre-set tasks and you can make your own so you can make sure everything is completed in time. This app will simplify all your wedding planning needs - and the best part is its free!

Download the free wedding planning app here.

1. ZOLA free wedding planning website

ZOLA has done a great job of integrating free wedding planning tools with registries and invitations. They are at the #1 spot because they have a great user experience, excellent tools, and it has the unique feature of adding a registry and tracking your guest list against it. So you won't forget any thank you cards!

Our favorite part about ZOLA is that you can do everything from one spot. Order invitations (they even have Draper James!), upload guest lists, make a wedding website, create a registry, and plan your wedding with all their great free wedding planning tools. ZOLA doesn't leave anything out!

Check out their free wedding planning tools here

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