Party Rental Weddings vs Traditional Wedding Halls & More

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Party Rental Weddings vs Traditional Wedding Halls & More

In life, there are always numerous occasions that call for a celebration. Couples can throw a party to celebrate their wedding or their anniversary; an individual may host a party to mark his date of birth, cooperate bodies can launch a party to celebrate its staff and to mark a level of success.

No matter what the reason one has to host a party, it certainly calls for conscientious efforts in planning and organization so that your guests will go home feeling ‘Wow, what a party!’

Why exactly do you trouble yourself shopping for a handful of items for your party while you can easily rent it? Party relevant items are easily available for purchase in the market.  However, you don’t have to purchase them solely for an event or parties that occur only once in a while like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, festivals, and other special occasions.

Every one of these events occurs only once in a year, which explains why people prefer to rent all complementary party items instead of deciding to buy them. This is the reason why you may have noticed the huge demand for party related items. The days are no longer in existence when people considered it embarrassing and also socially inappropriate to rent items; now, it has to turn out to be a thriving business.

A party rental company can lend a helping hand to individuals who want to add a tad bit more spice and assortment to their events. Children’s birthday parties are made more pleasurable with a bouncy house, fundraisers make even more of a splash with a dunk tank, and weddings get extra glamorous with a fashioned tent. Party rental companies make it easier for hosts and also hostesses all over create lifelong reminiscences for themselves as well as their guests.

The party rental company is designed for individuals who take pleasure in event planning, and who have an admiration for the party accessories on the market today.

Renting denotes momentarily using something for a specified rate, and that invariably translates to something that is boundless or limitless.

Planning Process For A Wedding

Unarguably, planning for a wedding party can be so overwhelming and energy consuming. Putting together an immersive and exhilarating sensation for your guests at your wedding party is mostly about the details.

From the ideal chair to the precise shade of napkin, a textured stylish collection of amassed details organized behind the bar, it's those minor things that appear virtually relatively simple that really get the message across and consequently help send you to ultimately another time and spot.

What exactly do those finishing touches possess conventionally? They're all wedding rentals.

Wedding rentals are highly a lot more than tablecloths and silverware, along with the choices for what it is possible to rent for your wedding day is limited only by your imagination.

In other to assimilate fully the magical world of design and the rentals that make these designs possible, you have to lay your hands on just about any décor item you could imagine.

As soon as you have started the planning and design process, the first thing you need to do is find out your vision and what you want to include, and then begin your exploration from there.

We recommend that our customers make a four-column chart to go beyond the basics and become truly creative. Indicate in the first column what you want to achieve (for example, a sit-down gilt meal or a showcase with framed family photos).

In the second, think about what you need to implement your idea. For a sitting dinner, you need tables, chairs, linen, plates, cutlery and type of flooring. Then think about what you really want.

Yes, you can use the basic rent of your location or just put the photos on a nice table, or you can exchange them for place settings with more personality or hang the photos on a gallery wall. In the last column, think about who you can call for the items you need.

For those tables, you can talk to your wedding planner or work with a party rental company in your area. That gallery wall may require more work, so talk to your planner about a custom option.

To make your wedding party delectable, you need external help to assist you in the planning, organization and design process.

The wedding rental company offers you all the needed accessories you need for your wedding at a specified rate, quite reducing the cost that might have been incurred if you opt for the direct purchase of accessories.

However, when you pick your rental company, you may be inclined to trust that they will deliver to your expectations and you hope they even push beyond that. That makes the job of choosing the right company or organization the most important job of all.

Take for example in weddings, a large chunk of the time and budget is dedicated to rentals of stuff like chairs, tables, dance floors, tents, linens, dishware, glassware and more.

These rentals play a role in spicing up the event. These rentals fall solely on the rental company, and as such, you should take care to make a deal with the right company that will deliver as you ordered and at the best time possible.

So much relies on the rental company for your dream glamorous day to come to fruition. Finding the perfect rental company for the job, therefore, becomes highly imperative. Knowing this, here are some tips shared by experts on how to spot the best rental company.

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  1. Amazing stock of products

The first key toward selecting a rental company is for the individual to know what they want .Once you know what you want at your wedding, you go for a wedding rental company that can deliver it at its highest form, and in quality you need.

Some rental companies concentrate on just a limited amount of accessories or essentials. Some of the party Rental specializes not only in the essentials but also in unique items that nobody else in the neighborhood can rent. They hold inventory of items such as tents, ghost chairs, glass top, tables, hardwood laminate flooring for an outdoor tent, and even whiskey barrels as the basis for a live oak top table, ideal for serving guests.

If they don't have it in stock, they will buy it for your event or recommend it to another company that can help - the entire focus should be on making sure you get exactly what you want. Party rental accessories play a significant position in planning and coordinating a special event.

Regardless of your need, the ideal finishing touches for a small get-together or even the whole build-out of an impressive wedding party, you’ll discover what exactly you will need to make your party remarkable.

The long list of rental items for parties includes;

  •         Tables
  •         Silverwares
  •         Draping
  •         Chairs
  •         Glassware
  •         Camera and lighting
  •         Tents
  •         Cars
  •         Speakers and amplifiers
  •         Music instruments
  •         Linens
  •         Microphones
  •         Wedding dress and costume
  •         Generator
  •         Furniture
  •         Freezing or cooling system
  •         Dinner ware
  1. Company reputation

Going for a well distinguished reputable company for your wedding rentals will save you from serious headaches before and during the wedding day emanating from incorrect service, errors in orders and lack of speed in a wedding rental company.

It is therefore pertinent to investigate the characteristics of your potential rental companies before you sign a contract with them. Party rentals bring many variables into the mix when it comes to timing and available product quantities, but they never let that slow them down for a second.

If an order is returned from a previous event and the company feels that they are short or have problems with the returned product that is needed for another order, they should address it at that time. How will they do that? They ensure that the customer still gets what he or she wants by calling him immediately to offer free upgrades or the following best things. That's great customer service! That builds customer loyalty and boosts the company’s image.

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  1. Staff strength

A great rental company is identified by the strength and knowledge base of its staff. Knowledgeable and helpful staff should be a must for your wedding rental company of choice. It’s always good to be able to call your rental service company and have one particular person on the phone give you a straight answer on something.

  1. Company’s vision and mission statement

Another important factor to put into consideration when choosing your wedding rental company is the company’s mission, vision which is all embedded in the experienced and dedicated staff, committed to keep going and bettering the company in the future with a top-notch service whenever called upon.


The service of rental companies for wedding events is becoming more sought after, considering the elegance and tints of style it adds to the party when compared to the use of traditional halls. The rentals company event halls are more preferred. Traditional hall doesn’t require much decoration, remember weddings are one-day event and at times once in a lifetime. Therefore, weddings leave a memory for couples and this is why it’s mandatory to have it recorded and saved.

In years to come, couples will want to remember their love and happiness during their wedding ceremony probably showing the tape to their grown-up children, in such remembrance it will be lovely to look and remember how glamorous the wedding was, it leaves this overwhelming happiness especially to the wife. This is one of the reasons why halls or any center decorated by party rental company is wildly preferred to traditional halls. At partybuster we offer the best even planning you could ever think of, reach-out to our customer service lets discuss how to make your event a day to remember.

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