How to Use Fairy Lights in Your Wedding (Ultimate Guide)

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Using fairy lights at your wedding can make your wedding look like a fairy tale. Here are the best practices for using fairy lights at your wedding.

How to Use Fairy Lights in Your Wedding (Ultimate Guide)

Perfect lighting is an essential element of any wedding. By illuminating the venue with LED lights, you can turn even a simple wedding into a luxurious event. Especially, by using fairy lights for an outdoor wedding, you can add more glow to the venue.

So once you have confirmed and finalized your wedding venue, the next step is to work on your lighting plan. In order to get a marvelous lighting effect, you need to do some effort. First, you must know the area that you are using for your wedding venue.

With a view to illuminating an outdoor venue, you can use almost every part of the venue when it comes to using fairy lights. For instance, you can use trees, patio, curtains, entry passage, props and more.

However, choices are limited when you are staging your wedding in an indoor venue. Even though there is limited space, you can utilize it intelligently to draw maximum benefit out of it. Hence, it is essential to know how you are going to use fairy lights at your wedding.

Fairy lights are known for the ambiance they create. Especially, these lights are the best option when you are looking forward to ensuring a dreamy and romantic theme for your wedding venue.

You can either opt for a lighting package offered by your venue management or take it as a DIY project.

In order to make your wedding venue picturesque and Pinterest worthy, here are some of the fairy lights wedding reception ideas.

Why Fairy Lights Are an Awesome Wedding Decoration

The concept of a wedding is incomplete without bright glow of fairy lights. These illuminations play an essential role while bringing ambiance to a wedding ceremony. You can use these fairy lights in a variety of ways including decorating centerpieces, create hanging icicle lights, and illuminate the backdrop.

Moreover, fairy lights are less expensive and consume a minimum amount of electricity. It is relatively easy to use these lights at any surface or improvise them with reference to your design pattern.

The fact that LED fairy lights stay cool even after hours of operation, these lights are perfect for wedding table decorations.

Creative Ideas for Using Fairy Tale Lights in a Wedding Venue

Fairy tale lights allow you to utilize them in any possible manner and pattern that you have in mind.

Here are some of the most recommended ideas for using fairy lights at your wedding.

Table Centerpiece Decor

Decorating your wedding centerpiece with gorgeous LED lights is a perfect way to add a stunning appearance to your wedding venue. Most of these lights are battery run; hence, there is no issue of running long extension wire to connect them to the power source.

These LED lights are cheap and you can easily buy them at your local store. You can use them around a centerpiece to spruce up its looks or put them in a glass jar to create an attractive centerpiece.

Entrance Decor

In order to give a warm welcome to your guests, use fairly lights to decorate the main entrance of the venue. It creates such an ambiance that gives your wedding a lively feel. The first impression of your wedding venue should be amazing and engaging.

In fact, decorating your wedding entrance with LED lights turns out to be the real showstopper. You should try to illuminate the wedding signboards, ladder props and hashtags to give a true wedding look to the venue.

Backdrop for Photo Shoot

LED Lights can create a perfect backdrop for your photo shoot. Photographers can use these lights to create a blurred backdrop to capture some outstanding wedding photos. These lights create a magical effect throughout the venue, which also gives a lively feel to your photos.

Before using fairy light as a backdrop, make sure to consult with your photographer for some professional advice. In this way, you can get the best fairy lights backdrop at a wedding.

Light in a Jar

When it comes to wedding décor, the trend of illuminating mason jars with fairy lights is gaining popularity. Using them with bright or dim colored LED lights gives an astounding effect to your wedding decorations.

You can put these light jars on the wedding table as a centerpiece or hang them over the trees to give a mesmerizing and rustic feel to the venue. Check out our rustic collection for more products and ideas.

Decorate the Props

Props are essential items for any wedding decorations. You can highlight your props by using decorative lights. For instance, by rapping a rustic ladder or antique items with fairy lights, it is possible to enhance the glam of your venue.

This simple idea can make a huge difference, as it will take the ambiance of a wedding to a new level.

Stage and Ceremony Area Décor

The ceremony area serves as a central part of any wedding venue. This is the reason; decorators pay most of their attention while creating a perfect stage.

With the freedom to use a great variety of fairy lights, it is possible to easily find the color and design pattern of your choice.  

In fact, you can choose any theme and implement it by using some of the best fairy string lights. By doing so, you can to give a distinctive feel to your wedding. These lights are capable of bringing even the simplest ceremony area into life.

You can add necessary glitz and glamour to your center stage and area around it by using different colored LED lights.

However, make sure to use dim fairy lights for creating a backdrop for the ceremony area. This will allow you to take some great photos with some blurred lights in the background.

Fairy Lights Curtain Wall

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, think about using fairy lights to illuminate the curtain walls. When using bright LED lights, you can turn your wedding into a magical event by illuminating every corner of the venue.

Moreover, hanging bright colored fairy lights over the curtains will create an outstanding atmosphere. The venue will surely give a cozy and welcome feel to the guests.

Your guests will love the arrangements and enjoy their dinner among shiny surroundings.

Decorating a Photo Booth

Creating a photo booth at your wedding venue is a great idea. In fact, you can give your photo booth a more creative look by decorating it with fairy lights.

By introducing fairy LED lights, you can help your photo booth to stand out among other decorative elements.

Usually, guests and family members love to have a selfie or groupie with the bride and groom. In this case, you can provide them with a perfect place to take some magical photos.

Wedding Arbor Decor

In order to create a wow factor within your wedding venue, you must think about arbor décor. Apart from decorating it with other items, using fairy lights for décor purpose is a great idea. It will add a flare to your wedding venue and create a vibrant environ.

Arbor serves as an ideal surface for dropping tiny lights over it. Hence, you can take advantage of this space and use it as a perfect spot to highlight your venue. You can also wrap arbor with natural greenery or use garland to give it a fascinating look.

Tree Decor

Trees are the natural props that offer a great opportunity to light up the whole wedding venue. This is the reason, why garden weddings are so popular. In fact, you can use the natural landscape and make it more attractive by throwing fairy lights over the trees.

It gives your wedding an expensive look and makes it a Pinterest worthy event. Fairy lights are affordable, which allows you to cover a large area surrounding the venue. You can hang fairy lights over the branches or wrap them around the tree trunks.

Party and Patio Lights

This is one of the most fascinating fairy lights wedding reception ideas. In order to turn your patio into an awesome party area, you can illuminate it by hanging white fairy lights all around the space.

To add a rustic look to the place, you may try hanging some vibrant colored fairy string lights.

Fairy Light Roof

Most of the weddings during the summer and spring season take place in an outdoor venue. If you are also planning to stage your wedding ceremony among the natural landscape, here is one of the best fairy lights wedding reception ideas.

You can think about creating a blanket of fairy lights over the venue. Under the dark night sky, fairy lights appear to be the tiny stars that have come to the venue just to wish you a happy married life.

So, making a fairy light roof is an inexpensive way to give a glamorous appearance to your wedding venue.

Drapes Décor

A perfect marquee setting looks simply stunning. However, decorating the drapes with fairy lights can give an astounding appearance to such a wedding venue.

By adding some of the best fairy string lights to the drapes, you can create a marvelous backdrop. Your wedding venue will sparkle and shine like a magical world, giving your photos a lively feel.

Best Fairy String Lights for Wedding

If you want to turn your wedding venue into a showstopper, make sure to use the best fairy string lights. Given below are some of the ideal options when it comes to buying the perfect fairy lights.

These lights allow you to implement your fairy lights wedding reception ideas in a perfect manner. Fairy String Lights can make a difference, especially when you want to give a magical effect to your wedding event.

These lights serve as a perfect option for illuminating wedding tables, tree branches, patio, and gathering areas. For creating a spellbinding environment, there is no better option than using these LED lights.

You can easily bend and fold them, which allows you to use them with almost any object.

These decorative string lights give a stunning and gorgeous appearance to your photo holder. By using these lights, you can highlight all your photos, notes and postcards.

Decorating a photo holder with LED lights is a new trend when it comes to fairy lights wedding reception ideas.

You can use these string LED lights to illuminate decorative jars, tree branches, patio, and center stage. These lights bring a magical effect when wrapped around the wedding tables and props. In order to create an enchanting statement, you can use these copper wire fairy lights in various patterns.

These waterproof copper wire fairy string lights are available in different colors including white, multicolor, warm gold, pink, or blue. For creating a magical lighting atmosphere, you can use these affordable and high quality LED lights.

These lights are made of pure copper wire, which enhances their durability and performance. The glow offered by these fairy lights looks simply amazing. Wrapping them around trees, props, and patio doesn’t require any technical assistance.

These are one of the best fairy string lights, which you can use to give a mind-blowing effect to your wedding venue. Irrespective of the type of a venue (indoor or outdoor), these fairy string lights serve the purpose well.

You can put these lights into jars or wrap them around the centerpieces without any hassle. These LED lights enhance the overall appearance and ambiance of a wedding venue.

Conclusion on Fairy Lights

After taking a look at some of the above-mentioned fairy lights wedding reception ideas, you are surely in a position to take good advantage of fairy lights while decorating your wedding venue.

In fact, the best thing about these fairy lights is their affordability. You can cover almost every corner of the venue and give it a perfect glow to amaze your guests.

Moreover, you don’t even need a lot of power to run these LED light. Most of them are battery operated and others require relatively fewer amperes to run them all.

These fairy lights are available in a wide range of colors, which makes it possible for you to choose only those options that compliment the other décor elements.

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