Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas: Latest Wedding Decoration Designs

DIY Wedding Ideas Wedding Decoration

Weddings are the most wonderful and auspicious event of a person’s life. Chances are that your friends and family have attended gazillions of the wedding, how do you make sure that you stand out and everyone remembers it? There are plenty of cheap DIY wedding ideas available to make this once-in-a-lifetime celebration a grand one, so we hope to help you find the latest wedding decoration designs to make your wedding day perfect. You want to understand what can happen in the marriage planning process

Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas: Latest Wedding Decoration Designs

Now, wedding decorations don’t come easy, they require a lot of thought and conscious preparation. First thing first, what should you decorate? To make a big and beautiful impact you don’t need to decorate every nook and cranny, as long as you pay attention to some basic decoration elements. 

Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas: Latest Wedding Decoration Designs

Here are some cheap DIY wedding ideas for you

  • Ceremony decoration: The wedding ceremony is the heart of any wedding; don't you think a moment where two lovers are united in a sacred bond of marriage requires a breath-taking set-up? Hence, when you out to search wedding decoration, ensure that these elements complement with your vows.
  • Entrance: As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impressions don't ever overlook the decoration of Entrance.
  • Aisle: This one is optional, but a little confetti can never hurt anyone right? And we promise that a decorated aisle like this will look 100% better than undecorated one in your wedding pictures.
  • Pew decoration: Pew decorations are put on the side of chairs, apart from making the chair look interesting, they create a connection between your aisle décor and entrance.

Depending on your venue, you may face certain restrictions while choosing your type of décor. Like, if getting married in a museum, probably you cannot alter or damage walls in any way.  Or, you may like minimal decoration but still, want to personalize the celebration. There are many cheap DIY wedding ideas that help you to realize magical decoration without burning a hole in your pocket. First, you save significant money and time by purchasing wedding decoration packages

How to Incorporate the Latest Wedding Decoration Designs

Here are few wedding décor ideas which will help you to create a beautiful and impactful wedding décor

  1. Turn Barrels into tables: Want to give your location a vineyard vibe? You can use old barrels as tables; they are of the perfect height to be used as cocktail tables.
  2. Direct your guests: Lucky enough to have that dreamy big outdoor space for your day? Give your guest a bit of direction using a homemade sign that points them in the right direction.
  3. Create an escort card display: Those tiny tented cards, leave you guest searching for their table number. Instead, you can create a bulletin board of seating assignment and display it at the entrance.

Try to get more ideas to similar to this to make escort display cards well in advance. Or, you can even create a country escort card display; to create this you simply need to buy wooden card holder and taddaaa your work is done.

Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas - Wooden Table Holders

You can also buy wooden card holder online as a step to materialize cheap DIY wedding ideas online.

  1. Centerpieces: If you are having a standing party or a sit-down dinner centerpiece is a must for every wedding. You don’t need to be too extravagant simple one like flowers in a jar will be enough to make your guest feel appreciated and will make everything look prettier.
  2. Ancient lantern: Ancient tradition states lightning sky lanterns at a wedding symbolizes good luck. You can use this trick to create a magical moment on your special day.

Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas - Sky Lantern

Don’t forget to remind your guests to make a wish for the newlyweds when lighting one like this awesome one.

  1. Starry warm-white copper fairy string lights: These lights are a charming addition to any space. You can wrap them around a tree branch or stuff them into a modern glass vase; these low lights are a perfect fit for even most intricate designs. Don’t miss to have a look.

More information about the use of starry lights is available on a simple search online if you are looking for cheap DIY wedding ideas.

Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas Event Supply Shop - Starry String Lights

  1. Show off your family photos: For an easy conversation starter, and to make your guest feel more welcome hang your favourite family and friends photos on a wall or make a family tree to welcome the newlyweds to your family. Excellent creative photo holder lights are available these days.
  2. Play Cornhole: Now, if you have a backyard wedding, there are plenty of ways you can use to keep your guests engaged and entertained- Just set up a few old school games like- Cornhole or truth or dare.
  3. Paper lanterns: The most commonly used wedding decoration which can create a dazzling and fairy-tale like atmosphere can be bought online. You can either hang them up on the ceiling of the hall or hang them low just over the table.

Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas - Paper Lantern Lighting

  • Easy make-ahead floral table piece: Instead of spending your money on buying table piece, you can easily make them. You don’t need any prior experience in flower arranging to create these stunning centerpieces.

More creative ideas on cheap DIY wedding ideas are available for you online.

  1. Coloured Glassware: Instead of spending your entire budget on décor, consider using it to rent coloured crockery, it will make your table pop in an instant.
  2. Chalkboard signage: Chalkboard is a great way to jazz up your entrance or cocktail bar. Use them to personalize your décor, and you may even add greenery or flower garland and chalk away!
  3. Table runner: Instead of having big centerpieces, look for a modern table décor inspiration space them out in smaller bud vases and show off your pattern. This will help your china glassware pop out immediately.
  • Flowers: Floral setting again sits at the heart of any décor, wedding or any other party. But if you want to save on flowery budget, talk to your florist and let him know that greenery is what you want. All you need is fresh blooms to add color and eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, dusty miller, ferns and lemon leaf to create an amazing arrangement.
  1. Drape ceilings: It's wonderful to see what a little fabric can do. Keep it formal, classy and elegant with a white fabric or you may even opt for a colour like yellow for a little fun vibe.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Décor

  1. Do research: First thing first, what will be your wedding theme? It’s better to start an early research, by doing so what can or can’t be used for your decoration.
  2. Do stick to your budget: Don’t have a huge budget for decoration? Look for a vendor and discuss openly with him so that they can create the magic within your budget. Stick to Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas as your commitment.
  3. Don't skip the details: If you want red, go for red and not maroon, look for precise colours and pictures, this will help you and your vendor with wedding décor. A brewery wedding would look a lot different than a boho wedding. 

Conclusion on Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas and Latest Wedding Decoration Designs

To sum up, a careful planning and consideration of cheap DIY wedding ideas followed by actions will definitely save your money, time and ensure great satisfaction for sure! 

What cheap DIY wedding ideas do you enjoy? Do you think we've provided the latest wedding decoration designs? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you.  

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