How to Recycle Your Wedding: Get Money Back from Your Wedding

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Did you know that you can recycle your wedding? There are plenty of products that people want to buy used from you once your big wedding day is complete. 

How to Recycle Your Wedding: Get Money Back from Your Wedding

There is a great chunk of money spent in the different elements of décor, food, beverages, wedding dresses, and various other celebration items which are only been put into substantial usage for a stipulated amount of time.

It can prove to be absolutely practical and logical if some of these items used during the special occasion can be put into some productive use after the big day comes to an end. This way it can cease to get all wasted and rather be used in numerous ways which will not only help in contributing something to keep the environment green but also help the couple cherish the memories of their wedding in the form of different elements used in a creative manner.

What are recyclable wedding items?

Recyclable wedding products are more common than you think. In fact, eco-friendly weddings have become far more common as we face issues with climate change and pollution. There is nothing better than saving the environment and having a great wedding day. In fact, some recyclable items people might even pay for them! This can be a great way to recoup some cash once the wedding damage is done. 

4 Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Items

There are several categories of products that would fit under the recyclable wedding products categories.

Some of the innovative ways of recycling numerous wedding items are as follows:

The flowers

One of the most righteous ways of putting the flowers into some virtuous use after the wedding function is to donate it to local hospitals, clinics or nursing homes. Flowers are known to create a joyous atmosphere along with bringing in good smell and vibrant colors.

Some of the flowers even have certain therapeutic properties which can be very wisely utilized in such places to aid people and elderly citizens suffering from certain physical and mental ailments. Prior arrangements regarding such a reuse of the florals can be done with the help of the florist from where the flowers are being bought.

Another way to reuse and recycle the florals is to equally distribute them amongst the guests as a souvenir of the wedding for them to carry back home. Here is how to use biodegradable rose petals at your wedding. 

The wedding dress

The wedding dress is often the most prized possession for women which can be recycled, reused and upcycled in an effective manner to stop it from perishing and damaging in the dirt.

The dress can be used for a noble cause through a donation in various organizations who accept these used wedding dresses for the new brides.

If the wedding dress wants to be kept forever, then upcycling it into the baptism costume for the first baby or converting it into some wearable outfit can be the best alternative.

The wedding invitation

The wedding invitations are one such thing which people often throw away after the wedding function and celebration is over. But an intelligent decision regarding the type of paper used for printing the invitation can prove to be very advantageous afterward.

An eco-friendly paper which can later be planted is a very feasible option as the couple will not only be preventing the wastage but can also cherish the memories of their wedding in the form of the plant that can grow out of it later on.

The Décor items

The maximum wastage in any wedding function comprises of various décor items either left unused or damaged during the process of decoration. These expensive décor items can be diligently used and then sold on various online portals who accept such used wedding things to recycle and reuse after the wedding is over.

Our Favorite Recyclable Decor Items

Glitter Aisle Runner

Wood Mr & Mrs. Signs

How to Recycle Your Wedding: Get Money Back from Your Wedding


Wooden Reserved Sign for Chairs

This will help in gaining some quantity of profit thereby avoiding wastage and harm to nature.

What are some of your favorite ways to recycle your wedding? Why not recoup some costs and save money from you big wedding day! Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you.

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