Wedding Thank You Card Wording: Free Template to Use

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Your wedding thank you card wording is very important. It highlights the gratitude for your friends and families involvement. Here are some tips for your wedding thank you cards and some free templates to consider. 

Wedding Thank You Card Wording

Wedding Thank You Card Wording: Free Template to Use

At Event Supply Shop, we are committed to providing you the best products for the best price. That's not all, we want you to have the best advice to make your wedding day the ultimate success. Here's some wedding thank you card wording templates for you to consider after your big day.

The wedding day is over, and now you are done running up and down checking every other intricate detail. However, there are always more considerations once the wedding is done, including ways to recycle some of the items in your wedding, open gifts, and most important send your wedding thank you cards.

Planning the wedding may have been such an overwhelming experience, but you’re currently basking in the precious memories of the big day. There is, however, one more thing on your list.

You need to send out the wedding thank you card to everyone who was involved with the wedding including the guests, friends, family, and relatives. 

You also need to appreciate and thank everyone who gave you a gift. In this article, we will explore some wedding thank you card wording and offer you a few templates to use when appreciating your wedding guests.

It takes a lot of commitment and love to invite people and turn up on your wedding day. Besides coming to celebrate with you, they also brought gifts with them and even took their precious day off to come.

Even if you express your gratitude verbally to everyone you meet, later on, it shows a lot of appreciation when you physically deliver a handwritten thank you card to everyone who was involved.

Additionally, expressing your gratitude over social media is not enough, it’s vital to let people know how grateful you are by addressing and sending them a personalized thank you cards.

Crafting a sweet thank you message for probably hundreds of people may seem overwhelming. If you have a long list of wedding thank you postcards to write, don’t sweat it.

I will offer you a few free wedding thank you card wording templates and tips to help you express your heartfelt gratitude. But let’s first look at some few tips to do before writing wedding thank you cards.

Tips for Writing your Wedding Thank You

Here are a few tips for writing your wedding thank you card.

  1. Plan Early

To be on the safe side, it is always best to think about wedding thank you notes when purchasing your wedding invitations.

Why? So much go into wedding plans including deciding the theme color to creating a wedding budget.

So, it’s best to budget as well as plan for the wedding thank you postcards at that time since it will help you match them with the wedding theme and color.

  1. Save the Addresses

When sending out your wedding invitations, you can have your return address pre-printed on the envelope.

Once you are done sending out your wedding invitations, then set aside the invitation address list. The list will come in handy when sending your wedding thank you postcards.

  1. Keep a Record

You can keep the guest list close by as you open your gifts. That way, you can easily record the specific gifts you’ve received and from whom. It will come in handy when you write your thank you postcards.

Wedding Thank You Card Guidelines

Before I give you free templates, let’s first look at some general wedding thank you card wording guidelines that you can use:

To write the ideal wedding thank you card sayings, a good rule of the thumb is to add:

  • Salutations and Ensure that you Mention the Person's Specific Name when Addressing Them

You can address the person with their official name. For example, if the person is called John, then you can say, “Dear John.”

If you have another relationship with that particular person, for, instance if John is your Uncle, you can address him as “Dear Uncle John.” It shows lots of respect when you’re more personal and if the person is addressed with their names than when the address in general.

  • Acknowledge the Sacrifice

Everyone who participated in any way to make your wedding day a success deserves to be appreciated. 

Remember it takes a lot of sacrifices leaving the usual daily activities to attend the wedding. If someone made it to your wedding, then it is an honor, and therefore you should appreciate it. So here you can say “thank you so much for attending our wedding.”

  • Elaborate Why you are Happy that they Came

The other thing that you need to do after you acknowledge their presence is to elaborate on why it matters a lot to the both of you. Uncle John was probably Uncle to the other partner. But after the two of you got married, he is an uncle to the both of you.

Now you are related by marriage as a couple. You can express how their presence made a world of difference. The wedding couldn’t have been the same if they did not come. Here you can say, your presence on our wedding day was highly appreciated. We were excited to see you.

  • Appreciate the Role the Person Played on the Wedding

A lot of people play different roles and responsibilities on the wedding day. It is essential to appreciate the person and their dedication and support towards making the day a great success.

Whether the person was just a volunteer or you were paying for their services, it is important to appreciate them. It could be the best man and matron of honor, bridal team, cake vendor, photographer to mention but a few.

Make sure you mention how the role they played made a difference on your wedding day. If the person was the photographer, be sure to mention the outstanding photo. Wedding thank you cards helps to appreciate the persons’ efforts on the wedding day.

Compliment the person and make a personal confession about how the particular role they played on your wedding made the wedding better.

Express your true happiness and let them know that you were pleased by the services they offered. If the person had donated something to be used on your wedding day, it also appropriates to mention it here and appreciates it.

Also, appreciate the people who gave you gifts and be sure to mention how it will make a difference in your lives.

Be specific with the description of how it will help. If the gift was in the form of money, then be grateful for it but in this instance, don’t mention the exact figure or rather how much it was that you received from them. Remember to keep it precise and sweet.

  • Say Thank you Again and Sign Out

After you are done expressing yourself, then you can say “thank you again” and the sign out warmly.

Free Templates for Wedding Thank You Cards

Here are free templates that you can use to express your gratitude:

Wedding Thank You Card Example #1

Dear Uncle John,

Thank you so much for attending our wedding ceremony!  We were touched by your presence and thrilled by the fact that you made it to the wedding. Thank you for your generosity with your Merc. The bridesmaids enjoyed the ride. We felt the love and sincerity all around us, and that will forever be engraved in our hearts.

With lots of love!

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad

Wdding Thank You Card Example #2

Dear Tim

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say thank for agreeing to come to celebrate with us at our wedding. Having you there to capture those special moments on our special day meant a lot to us. Thank you again for your services. The photos will forever remind us of the special day.


Tina and Jim Conrad

Wedding Thank You Card Example #3

Dear Tom and Alice,

Thank you so much for attending our wedding celebrations. We cannot express it enough how your gift of waffle maker has made us feel. We will enjoy our ample breakfast eating the waffles we will make with it. It was very kind of you to give us the gift. Again, thanks a lot for your generous and thoughtful gift.


Mr & Mrs. Conrad

Conclusion on Wedding Thank You Card Wording

Being grateful to the people who came to your wedding is vital. I hope this wedding thank you card wording article will come in handy when you are writing your wedding thank you postcards.

What do you think of the wedding thank you card wording? Please let us know in the comments below.

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