DIY Wedding Checklist: Steps to Design the Perfect Wedding Table Setting

Table Setting Wedding Decoration

Wedding Plans? No matter if you have a year or two months, needs proper plans in place to make it stress-free. Breaking down the tasks into simple steps will make it a little less intimidating.  Here are some DIY wedding checklist suggestions to break down your two difficult tasks with regard to the table décor and your seating chart. We know the best steps to design the perfect wedding table setting. 

DIY Wedding Checklist: Steps to Design the Perfect Wedding Table Setting

Ensuring an ideal seating arrangement is an overwhelming task by itself. Though this is not mandatory, most brides make one. Assigned seats make things simpler. To begin with, ensure every table is filled to its max capacity. 

We have made this ultimate DIY wedding checklist to help you figure out your wedding seating chart.

Here are initial steps to design the perfect wedding table setting

  1. Decide on Table shapes: Yes, the shape of your table will be your ultimate friend as the shape and size will dictate how many guests can be seated at a table.
  2. Keep your friends close: Friends play a very significant role in our lives, a special sweetheart table and a table for the wedding party is a great way to acknowledge their role. So, when planning we suggest you give the first best table to your sweethearts, second to your parents and third to your wedding party, oh and near the dance floor!
  3. Figure out where you want to keep your parents: Traditionally, Bride and Groom’s parents will share a table to bask in the glow of their children’s union. But in case, parents are divorced keep them on separate but equally close to you.
  4. Enlist your parents: In case you have no idea how to manage your parent’s friends, assign the task to both your mothers.
  5. Consider a separate kid’s table: If you have several kids attending your wedding, it’s better to give them a separate table, and plan an activity to keep them indulge. And while it may be tempting to give them a table in the corner, try not putting the babies far away from their parents. Recommended browsing some useful information online on DIY Wedding checklist especially to make Kids engaged.
  6. Make finding the table easy: All your planning will be worth it if you can execute it and make it easy for your guests to find it. To use your creativity to the maximum, consider help online.

After you are done with your seating arrangement task, next in line is creating a table setting for your wedding. After all, the table setting and wedding reception environment is going to be the most photographed aspect of your event. When it comes to creating a setting we suggest you approach designing your tables like you design your room. You can add layers of interesting textures, material and light sources but ensure to add something unique and personal which reminds the guests of you. Keep scrolling; we have come up with amazing DIY Wedding Checklists for you to create an unforgettable wedding tablespace.

DIY Wedding Checklist: Steps to Design the Perfect Wedding Table Setting

Designs to Consider for Your Wedding Table Setting

  1. Patterned table runner arrangement: A leaf nameplates, patterned table runner and a beautiful centrepiece can turn the basic wood table into a masterpiece. It is highly recommended to spend some creative time here.

Patterned table runner arrangement

  1. Bohemian affair: Arrange your table with numerous items like large dramatic candlesticks or a lantern or a tea candle holder. This will assist you in decorating an abundance of glowing light which is ideal for amazing wedding photographs.

Bohemian affair - Perfect Wedding Table Setting

  1. In season: Utilizing those flowers which are in season is cost effective and gives the best results.
  2. Add texture: Don’t shy away from adding berries, fruits, pumpkins or foliage to add texture on your table setting it adds to the richness of overall palette in an unexpected but oh so worthy way!
  3. Be subtle and not matchy-matchy: Don't shy from mixing colors and do your best to pick a color in your centerpiece or wedding centerpieces with fairy lights that matches presentation plate, menu or table.
  4. Heights: When it comes to your floral arrangement either go very high or stay low, this will ensure that your guests have great interaction during dinner and that you won’t block their view.

Steps to Design the Perfect Wedding Table Setting

  1. Candlelight is the best light: Try and create a layer on your tabletop, by having some candles elevated, and some in between.
  2. Monochromatic table setting: To create a cohesive look, add monochromatic centerpieces, linens and glassware. You may complete the look by adding vintage napkin rings which are available online.
  3. Colorful table setting: You can use bright colors like red and purple centrepieces and linens that add a burst of color, also you can try vintage candelabras and a small votive to add a romantic touch.
  4. Rustic table setting: You may use long garlands of olive branches, a lot of candles and a rustic table runner to decorate your table. View our rustic product collection

 Rustic Table Setting - Steps to Design the Perfect Wedding

  1. Striped setting: If you are choosing a striped pattern in your linens, we suggest you opt for simple plates and white flowers that will not distract your guests and give an amazing effect.
  2. Add plated petals: You may use fabric flower pom-pom to add individual drama to each plate setting. And a bonus, guests can wear them or take them home as souvenirs.
  3. Bright and springy: Don't make your spring wedding all about pastels; add a little bold punch to complement your spring colors. You can use corals, light aqua, hot pink and celadon to create a beautiful setting like this.
  4. Winter wonderland: Create a timeless and elegant setting by mixing silver and white with a red and blood floral arrangement. Add mercury glass votive and candlesticks for a dose of class to it.
  5. Lace and Burlap: These two together are a match made in heaven for a sweet, country spring wedding. You can use lavender and soft yellow or try any color scheme to master the look for any season.
  6. Farm-to-table Wedding Design: You can use vintage medicine bottles, brass candlesticks and wooden flower box if you are looking for the perfect barn-style wedding.
  7. Color me Retro: Set a mid-century table for your D-day, use a bold-aqua graphic print with coordinating coral napkins. Complete your look by adding a textured plate with a geometric pattern and retro martini glasses to make it bright and inviting.
  8. Rose gold wine bottles: Once rosé is gone, don’t throw your bottles away. Here is a quick idea, soak those bottles until the labels come off and then spray paint each of those bottles with at least 2 coats of metallic paint. To get this look
  9. Easy edible arrangements: Get some eye candy to your table, by filling fish bowls or glass vases with personalized candies in your wedding décor color.
  10. Go Green: Wheat springs and solidago tied together create an organic feel for the table setting. You may add to tie them together to make bring an amazing shine to your table. Along with it, to complete the look add green linen napkins to the wood table.

To create an interesting and compelling design, we recommend using a mix of textures according to your venue and your theme, to make dinner a stylish statement on your wedding day.  We are sure this article on DIY wedding checklist is helpful to you in some ways to make your tasks easier. Here are the best steps to pick the right shoes

What are you doing for your wedding checklist? Have you incorporated the steps to take to design the perfect wedding table setting? Please let us know int he comments below.

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