Perfect Wedding Day: How to Plan a DIY Wedding

Relationship matters the most in every sphere of life. People try to keep a harmonious relationship with their fellow beings, partners, spouse, kids and so on to build a happy, healthy and contented life. In the midst of this process, they start a new life together with that person whom they consider as their better half. The wedding is one of the auspicious events in one’s life which ties a new relationship altogether. As the saying goes, wedding is indeed planned in heaven and performed in earth basis mutual trust and unconditional love.

Perfect Wedding Day: How to Plan a Cheap DIY Wedding

Perfect Wedding Day: How to Plan a DIY Wedding

If you are making up your mind for this big day, then you have got a lot of things to look forward. The professionals and event management teams have already entered into this space to make the wedding occasion really auspicious and memorable in one's lifetime. However, the trend has changed now with more people opting for DIY (Do It Yourself). If you are the one looking to use your creativity and time to make your wedding simply awesome and cost-effective, Congratulation! as you have taken the right step. Indeed, we have few tips to share to simplify your efforts! Let us discuss the same here!

Prepare a Wedding Budget and Keep Track Your Budgets

Preparations for any kind of occasions starts with planning the budget. Money is an essential thing which decides how beautifully an occasion can be carried out and the wedding is no exception. In a wedding, everything we plan involves costs and a well-prepared budget on how to and how much to spend is a crucial first step if you want to incorporate the best bridal fashion

Create a Wedding Priority List for Your DIY Wedding Planning

People have got priorities in carrying out their daily life, planning for a wedding is one such thing. Activities around the dress, ring, food, flowers, decorations, DJ and much more should be arranged and carried out according to priorities.

Preparing the Wedding Guest List

Guest plays an important role in a wedding party. It's them who cheer on you on your big day. Create a list of guests whom you should invite to your wedding by prioritizing them on the basis of your connection or fondness. It is good to keep the guest list short keeping in mind your level of connections and commitment to maintain the budget

Selecting the Date and Venue

Date and venue plays an important role. The date of wedding must be the one which almost every guest can attend and which is convenient for the families of bride and groom. Talking about the venue, it must be the place where guests can reach without any confusion and also the one which is nearest from both the brides and grooms house. A perfect and convenient place sets up the mood for a wedding celebration.

Conducting research on Florist, Photographers, Caterers and booking them

One should conduct a thorough research on photographer’s caterers and florist on whom we are going to rely the wedding work. Photographs make the memorable moment of the day. It should be selected wisely without making any chaos. The guest must be satisfied with food provided along with enjoying the celebrations going on at the wedding ceremony. The table decorations must be taken care of too. The varieties of tablecloths are available in the market. 

The Wedding Dress

The wedding is all about shining in a beautiful wedding dress. It is your day to shine bright and make loving memories and in every way, the dress you wear must add up to your beauty. Pick up a designer who is fully capable of fulfilling your dreams by presenting you with the most stylish and apt dress which makes you the really adorable and special.

Reserving Rooms for Out-Of-Town guests

The guest invited may not be from your neighbourhood and it may consist of those people coming from distant places. It is important to provide them with comfortable accommodation to happily participate in your wedding!

Invitations for Your Wedding

Choose the required invitation from selected shops and start inviting your guests. Low costs yet stylish invitation cards are available in plenty in the market. Make a proper plan to save time and money!

Selecting and Finalizing the Theme and Lighting

Every wedding has a different and unique theme. You can plan your own theme to decorate your wedding hall and then make final preparations for it. You can know more about wedding themes here. Apart from decorating the altar, the lighting decoration must also be planned. Beautiful and creative lights are available in the market. Browse here! 

Wedding Rings

Among all things, wedding ring should be planned well in advance. The wedding ring is one which is worn for a lifetime. It must be selected with careful planning and the one which suits both and looks pretty. Variety of designs are available for wedding rings. Have a look at it at here.

Setting up the Aisle

Set up a perfect aisle runner by selecting a perfect aisle runner from a variety of products that are available online nowadays. Choose the best to make your entry into the wedding hall in a great style.

Selecting the Beautician and Makeup

Being pretty in the eyes of your love and be in the center of attraction is what a girl wishes on the day of her wedding. Pick up a perfect makeup which suits best to your skin and dress. Do a little bit of research on the beautician and selects the best out of it. Useful information is available in Google and other search engines.  Just browse it!

How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

Now it is honeymoon time. Select the perfect place for your honeymoon by planning it with your partner and make detailed and careful preparations for it. Go for a place you and your partner can make a lot of lifetime memories for future. Plenty of information available with diverse websites to help you plan out your honeymoon trip. Professional trip advisors have special package to offer to make your honeymoon enjoyable to the fullest.

We are sure this article helps you to kick start your wedding plan. To sum up, create a priority list, plan for the budget, keep a ready guest list, decide the Invitation, finalize the theme and lighting, Aisle, choose the best person for makeup and dressing, plan in advance for a wedding ring and so on. And we are sure you are on way to make your wedding preparation in a grand style! Have a happy wedding and lovely honeymoon days. Blessings to you and your family!

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