3 Wedding Design Hacks

Wedding planning can get stressful fast, especially if you're on a tight budget. Use these simple hacks to cut costs and ensure you have a night to remember. 

My venue has ugly carpet

If you have an unlimited budget you can rent entire carpets. For those of us who are not obnoxious and want to cut costs, ugly carpeting can really bring you down. It can be fixed inexpensively. For one, you can create amazing table settings with draped with sequins to distract guests from the carpeting. 


Next, keep your guests looking up. Draw your guests eyes to focal points around the room, like hanging photo lights or a extravagant centerpieces. Remember, once you put down the band stage, the dance floor and a dozen tables, you've covered a lot of that carpet.

I want an intimate feel, but my venue is large and wide open

You can't change the size of a venue - that's a fact. Create an intimate feel by creating cozy table settings. Going for a rustic feel? Add burlap placemats with flameless candles and lanterns to each table. More of a romantic person? Add exquisite lanterns or crystal candle holders so guests can dine by candlelight. 

I want a big party, but my wallet says no

Your wedding budget should follow something like this formula: 50% of total budget to reception; 8-10% for flowers; 5% for attire; 8-10% for entertainment/music; 10-12% percent for photo/video; 2% for invites; 2% for gifts; and 10% for miscellaneous items that pop up along the way. It's essential to allocate an extra 5-10% for surprise expenses.

Want to spend more on the reception or a killer DJ? Buy your supplies outright instead of renting. Vendors up charge of over 100% on each item rented. Cut down costs by buying your own supplies and reselling them to consignment stores at the end. 

Think you need a planner? Check this planner guide to help you plan 1-2 years in advance. 

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