3 Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas

Everybody loves weddings, even without out the glitz and glamour. But, most brides want character and a decorated reception. Save money with these cheap DIY wedding decorations.

These cheap DIY wedding ideas can help you save money for the honeymoon and have a beautiful wedding.

Cheap DIY Weddings

Its 2018 and weddings have become more expensive - we're talking over $20,000 for the average day. Traditional budgeting can't keep up with rising prices from vendors. Here's 3 cheap DIY wedding ideas to keep you under budget and in style.

DIY Lighting

Atmosphere is key to any wedding. Add small twinkling lights or the glow of candles to add instant - and cost effective - charm to any wedding or reception. Add extra lighting during the day, especially if your venue is indoors! 

DIY Table Settings

Decorating wedding tables can cause a lot of stress! Flowers break the bank and table settings are expensive and rarely match.  Following a decor theme and rental costs can cause budget dilemmas. Whether you need seating for 150 or 20, these fun table settings will help frame your event and stay under budget.

DIY Aisle Runners

Need we say more? Skip the expensive wedding rental fees and buy the aisle runner you deserve on your special day. 

Here are some other ways you can cut wedding costs

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