How to Make and Use Biodegradable Rose Petals for Weddings

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Rose petals have become an integral part of wedding celebrations. Many wedding decorators suggest using biodegradable petals to be environmentally friendly.

How to Use Biodegradable Rose Petals for Weddings

Do you want the romantic feel of rose petals throughout your wedding without the messy clean up? Here you will learn how to prepare rose petals for a wedding and how to use these petals on the wedding day. 

Get some roses:

Begin by gathering any type of roses to prepare the petals. You can use any rose variation to make the petals. Note that the petals will darken during the process so pick roses that are a shade lighter than what you want. Pluck some roses from the garden or visit the local flower shop to get fresh roses. Sometimes you can ask florists for roses that are beginning to go bad, but fresh roses are the best because old rose petals can easily decompose during the preparation process. 

How many roses do you need?

That's the big question. First of all, you should not use roses with large size petals. Medium to small sized roses will have the best petals to toss and decorate with. Count two rose heads for every guest to throw during the wedding. Depending on your guest list, you may need 30-100 roses for your guests and minimum 10 roses to prepare biodegradable rose confetti for table decorations. Prepare confetti from minimum 50-60 roses so that you can have enough material for decoration and celebration.

How to make biodegradable rose confetti:

Preparing confetti from rose petals can be an entertaining task. Follow the given tips and you will get the best rose petal confetti.

  • Collect all the roses you have and start removing the petals gently. You should twist the roses firmly to remove petals from the stem. Do not wait too long after picking the roses because the dried petals can get brown very quickly.
  • Now take a tea towel and spread every rose petal over the towel. You can also use a cardboard or scrap paper if you do not have the tea towel in your kitchen.
  • Now place all the rose petals in a dry-warm room. Leave the petals as it is for minimum three days. The petals will get dried within that duration. Check the rose petals after three days. You will find that petals are shrunk and darkened. It is normal and you should search for petals which are brown. Remove these petals and proceed ahead.
  • You may end up with rose petals that do not have a scent but don't worry about it. You can use a rose perfume or any other perfume of your choice to offer an aromatic appeal to the confetti. Spray a light amount of perfume over the dried rose confetti and then leave the confetti for a while. Use a non-toxic perfume in order to keep the confetti safe.
  • Now take a jar and place all the dried rose petals in it and seal the jar. Open the jar on your wedding day when you want to use your DIY rose petal confetti.

This is how you can prepare aromatic rose petal confetti without paying expensive florists to do it for you. Using the natural rose confetti is certainly a better idea than using artificial rose petals because you can get natural confetti on the wedding day.

Preparing the rose petal confetti on the wedding day:

Not everything goes according to plans during the wedding preparation. What if you have forgotten to prepare the rose petals before the wedding day and now there is no wedding decoration supplier offering biodegradable rose petal confetti? Should you drop the plan of using the rose petal confetti? Of course not! You can immediately prepare it at the wedding venue. Follow the given steps to prepare rose petal confetti without using the air drying method.

  • Place the order for fresh roses and ask the florist to deliver it as soon as possible. You can pick some roses from the garden if the florist is not located near the wedding venue.
  • Remove all the petals of the rose and spread these petals over a tea towel or a cardboard. Do not overlap the petals and spread them separately over the towel.
  • Cover all the rose petals with another tea towel.
  • Place the rose petals into a microwave oven and heat them until there is no moisture.
  • Turn off the microwave after 60 seconds and take the rose petals out of the microwave.
  • Test each rose petal and ensure it is dried. If some petals are still damp, place them again into the microwave and heat them for 30 seconds.

The resultant petals will be dark and perfect to use as confetti on your wedding day. This method is the most widely chosen method of preparing rose petal confetti. You should also try it when you do not have confetti on your wedding day. You can also mix rose petals with other flowers to prepare a mixed flowers confetti. 

How to package rose petal confetti:

You can try many DIY crafts to carry the rose petal confetti. The most beautiful option is preparing small cones to carry rose confetti. Take a paper or card and fold it in cone style. Use a tape to keep the rolled paper in cone’s shape and then place rose petals in it. Prepare minimum 20 cones and place them in beautiful baskets. Carry these beautiful confetti baskets to the wedding ceremony locations where the guests can pick each cone and sprinkle the petals over the newly married couple. These aromatic rose petals will improve the atmosphere and make this wedding more enjoyable.

How to Use Biodegradable Rose Petals At Your Wedding

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