Ultimate Guide to Wedding Aisle Runners

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Aisle runners can be difficult to style and plan for in a wedding. Here's everything you need to know about wedding aisle runners.

Ultimate Guide to Wedding Aisle Runners

Wedding preparations require careful planning and attention to detail, so we are here to help! Among other things that you need to consider regarding your wedding, choosing one of the best wedding aisle runners is a crucial decision.

When you visualize a contemporary wedding, the image of a decorated aisle definitely comes to your mind. Irrespective of the fact that whether you have chosen an indoor or outdoor venue, the aisle runner would serve as an essential part of your wedding ceremony.

If you have no idea what types of wedding aisle runners are available or what kind of runner you should buy for your wedding, here is a complete guide to everything you want to know.

Why Aisle Runners Are So Important

Before going into the details why aisle runners are so important for a wedding, let’s take a look at the history of such an accessory.

In early days when there were unpaved roads and wedding venues were not so developed, the guests usually arrived with their shoes messed up in mud or dust.

In this situation, the floor of wedding venue, a church in most of the cases, received a lot of dirt and smudges.

Hence, it wasn’t appropriate for the bride to walk on the dirty surface and ruin her gown. This led to the use of aisle runners, which not only provided a clean and tidy path for the bride to walk on but also proved to enhance the aesthetic value of a wedding venue.

However, in the present scenario, where wedding venues have clean and paved floors, aisle runners provide a non-slip and comfortable path for the bride and guests that leads them to a ceremony area.

Besides, runners also serve as a decorative element that compliments the overall décor of a wedding venue.

In most of the cases, brides do consider the selection of aisle runners as an essential part of their wedding day preparations. There are definitely some basic reasons for this preference.

The first and foremost reason for using aisle runners is their ability to render a prestigious appearance to the wedding venue.

Apart from the fact that aisle runners help to accentuate a beautiful wedding, there is also a protective factor associated with the use of this wedding accessory.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, aisle runners will provide a clean and tidy course for the bride and guests to enter the venue.

Even for the indoor wedding setup, you can’t overlook the advantages of aisle runners.

Usually, the floor of indoor wedding venues is shiny and slippery, which may lead to the slipping or falling down of guests or even the bride. Aisle runners provide a viable solution to this issue.

What Type of Aisle Runners Should You Use?

As far as the type of aisle runners is under consideration, it basically depends on the selection of a wedding venue. Hence, you need to choose an aisle runner, which will suit the needs of the venue and your wedding ceremony.

The first aspect that you should bear in mind is the actual size of an aisle runner. It is essential, as a too short or too large runner would cast a negative impact on the aesthetic value of a venue. In addition, selection of design and material of an aisle runner is another factor that requires utmost attention.

For an outdoor venue, you need specific wedding aisle runners depending on the purpose for which you are using them. If the wedding venue has a grassy lawn, chances are there that the bride’s gown will attract grass, dew, mud or other types of stains.

Moreover, the softness of ground may also pose a threat that the bride or guests may fall down due to the slippery or uneven ground surface. So you should look for an aisle runner that offers smooth and even surface to walk on.

On the other hand, if the ground is too hard or made up of gravel, it may cause damage to the costly shoes of the bride or groom. This type of material also gets too hot in summer and walking on it would not be comfortable.

If you are a great fan of beach weddings, an aisle runner is a must. When you think of a beach, you visualize sand and water. The shifting sand, wind, and inability to walk on the sand with high heels are some of the factors that require a stiff and purpose-built aisle runner.

So before you purchase an aisle runner, do consider these factors in mind. In fact, there is a specific wedding aisle runner for each of the above-mentioned surfaces. A typical aisle runner will help to keep the ground safe and intact. It will protect your expensive shoes or clothes from any kind of expected damage.

Wedding Aisle Runner Material

Selection of Aisle Runner Material

There are numerous types of aisle runners depending on their materials. You must choose one, which is capable of withstanding even the intense conditions of a venue. This is so, as a beautiful runner won’t serve the purpose if it is delicate. Hence, make sure to choose the best material for wedding aisle runner.

The most crucial decision of selecting an aisle runner requires you to consider the type of venue you have chosen for your wedding. If you go for an expensive version of a runner such as a carpet or a rug, it is viable to use it on almost every surface.

It is a great option for those brides, who are looking for a sturdy and softer aisle runner. Even if the surface is not even, runners made up of carpets can turn it into smooth and easy to walk on path. However, if it is out of your budget, you may think about other cheaper options.

Another durable and popular choice for you is using a synthetic material or rayon non-woven fabric. This type of material is lightweight as well as flexible. It will not only give a stunning appearance to your wedding venue but also provide a stable and non-slippery path to walk on.

Aisle runners made up of Paper may be a cheap option. However, you can use them on limited types of surfaces. For instance, they work well on clean, smooth and even surfaces. Moreover, they are not suitable for a variety of shoes, especially high heels. Hence, even if you are short of budget, using a paper runner won’t be a wise decision.

When simply choosing a white fabric, make sure to consider that it is made up of a non-slip material. It is essential, especially when you are going to use this type of runner on a smooth and shiny surface. On the contrary, using a fabric runner is highly recommended over the carpeted floor. It glues well to the carpet and doesn’t move a lot.

If you have chosen the quality and material of a runner, the next step is to make a decision regarding its length and width. While buying a runner, you should keep in mind the total length of the area, which you need to cover with a runner.

Don’t forget to include the additional 5 to 10 feet area between the sitting arrangement and ceremonial area when calculating the overall length of an aisle runner.

You can easily measure the length by taking into consideration how much rows of seats you will arrange at the wedding venue. However, the width should be somewhere between 4 to 6 feet.

Aisle Runner Material

Design and Color of an Aisle Runner

Apart from the material of a runner, its design and color are some of the other essential aspects that you can’t ignore. If you are looking for a simple design, a rug or cloth might server the purpose.

However, the color choices for this type of runner are relatively limited.

The design of an aisle runner should collaborate with the wedding venue and ceremony scene. In case of a large venue, the aisle runner will guide the guests to navigate to the sitting arrangements. You need to nail down various aspects when selecting a runner. These overwhelming and crucial factors include:

  • Location of the ceremony
  • Type of surface where you will use a runner
  • Width, length, and material of an aisle runner

Runners with exquisite designs, textures, and patterns are expensive. If your budget permits the purchase of one of these options, it will give a dashing appearance to your wedding ceremony. You can even customize your aisle runner to compliment the other décor elements.

With so many options in the mind, it sometimes becomes hard for a bride to make a perfect choice.

Hence, you should prioritize your aisle runner depending on your budget, material, design, and color.

For this purpose, write down every feature that you want to have in a runner and consider them when buying one of the best wedding aisle runners.

Customizing Your Aisle Runner

As stated earlier, it is possible to customize your aisle runner to meet the requirements of the ceremony scene. The most popular option in this regard is printing the names of bride and groom or various words that reflect the affections of a couple.

You can blow away the minds of your guests by trying more exotic ideas. You can add details to your customization by using feather flowers, engaging prints, and other elements that match with the décor of a wedding venue.

How to Keep an Aisle Runner in Place

In order to keep an aisle runner in place, you must follow one of these highly recommended tips.

  • Use tent pigs
  • Secure the aisle runner with double-sided tape
  • Place flower pots at the edges of a runner
  • Use glue to secure a paper aisle runner on a slippery surface

How to Unroll Wedding Aisle Runner

You need to be careful while unrolling almost every type of wedding aisle runners. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you unroll a runner.

  • Unroll the runner from the front side of the ceremony area to the entry point
  • At least three individuals should perform the unrolling to keep the runner straight
  • The unrolled runner should look smooth and wrinkle-free
  • Unroll the runner shortly before the wedding party and bride arrives

Where Can You Buy Aisle Runners

At Event Supply Shop, we have a variety of amazing aisle runners that will suit your wedding day.

Here's a selection of some of the best wedding aisle runners in our shop. 

Best Aisle Runners for Your Wedding

Given below is a list of some of the best aisle runners, which gives you plenty of options for choosing a suitable runner for your wedding.

Not for the faint of heart. These bold metallic aisle runners are sure to leave an impression. Use the full fabric for a long entrance or cut it into squares to use throughout your event. These runners are a new trend that is starting to blow up! Get yours before we run out!

Durable and beautiful glitter aisle runners. Choose the color that best fits your look. Our customers have only positive things to say about these runners! Perfect amount of shine to create an amazing atmosphere and unforgettable photos! Wipes clean so you can reuse it from the ceremony to the reception.

Rollout the red carpet! Red, felt-like aisle runner. Perfect for holiday weddings or a true regal experience. Hosting a movie premier? This is your ticket for the real Hollywood experience. 

Aisle runners for the budget savvy couple! Aisle runners don't need to break the bank. These cheap aisle runners for weddings or graduation parties are a great way to design an event on a budget. We source them straight from our supplier so you get the best deal possible.

Durable cheap aisle runners wipe clean to be transferred from the ceremony to the reception. These aisle runners are perfect for any occasion, aisle runners can be used for rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremony aisle runners, wedding reception aisle runners, church ceremony aisle runners, graduation party aisle runners, birthday party aisle runner, and new years party aisle runners.

These aisle runners won't get damaged!

Back by request! Similar to our top selling glitter aisle runners, these aisle runner are hand sewn, embroidered with dense sparkles to make your entrance grand. Perfect for outdoor park weddings, church ceremonies, and rehearsal dinners.

These embroidered aisle runners are lightweight making them easy to transport. The glitter aisle runner can also be trimmed or cut to be used as table covers. Some clients match their bridesmaid dresses to the glitter aisle runner for stunning photos! This glitter aisle runner will sparkle in candlelight. 

You asked, we answered. New aisle runners in new colors and wider than our top selling aisle runners. Durable and beautiful glitter aisle runners. Choose the color that best fits your look. Our customers have only positive things to say about these runners!

Perfect amount of shine to create an amazing atmosphere and unforgettable photos! Wipes clean so you can reuse it from the ceremony to the reception.

Beautiful rose flower aisle runners with soft satin fabric to float you down the aisle. Perfect for beach weddings, church ceremonies, museum events, outdoor ceremonies, and more. 

Hand stitched sequin white aisle runner. Exquisite quality, hand stitched in small batches. Perfect aisle runner for church ceremonies or ceremonies at hotels and museums. Dress up any aisle for the Bride with this gorgeous, quality, runner. 

Visit our complete wedding aisle runner collection for more information.

Conclusion on Wedding Aisle Runner Guide

By knowing about the material, color, and design options, you can choose a perfect aisle runner that serves the purpose well and gives a wow effect to your wedding venue.

What you have to do is make a wise choice when it comes to the material and design pattern of a runner.

Just keep in mind that the runner should meet your wedding ceremony needs without draining most of your wedding budget.

What wedding aisle runner is perfect for you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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