Planning Your Perfect Wedding Day: A To Do List for Brides

Wedding Planning

The lovely ring on your finger says it all. The wait for that big day with little inquisitiveness and tension is very common, right? What about the plans for that auspicious day in your life. Don’t wait too long to make a to do list for brides as time flies like anything. We mean, avoid all the last-minute commotion and don’t leave anything unplanned. Here, we present a few suggestions for you as you plan your perfect wedding day! 

Planning Your Perfect Wedding Day: A To Do List for Brides

Get started now! Here is the start to a highly effective wedding check off list for brides. 

  • Let others know – the news of your wedding, maybe still a secret to some of your friends and family. Make the announcement of the date to them either by phone call or through a personal meet and let them have the date marked on their calendar.
  • Discuss with your family – have a discussion with your family members, your fiancé and his family members about your wedding plans as to how it should be and seek suggestions and new ideas.
  • Organize everything – organizing doesn’t mean you have to buy or book things months earlier but you need to put those details in a paper. Make a to-do list detailing when and/or what to order so that you are all set.

Planning the Perfect Wedding Day: A To Do List for Bride

Wedding Planning (Months to Week Plan) For Brides

TO DO list for Brides (Pre-Wedding: 6 to 9 months plan)

Feel like you have a lot of time in front of you, is not it? It is wise to begin now.

  • Venue: During this time, you should have an idea about the venue of your wedding. If you have a vast backyard and choose to make the arrangements there, the venue is not a concern. If not, make all efforts now. Do a research and arrive at a venue which suits you the best. This enables you to make plans to set your venue arranged on time.
  • Plan for your guests: It is always good to have a clear idea as to the number of guests you plan to invite. If your guest list consists of people who live out of town, then it is necessary to arrange proper accommodation. Get the list of hotels near your venue, book rooms which suits you the best. Ensure the transportation facilities to and from the venue too.
  • Aisle: Make your Aisle decorative to create the best first impression. Most importantly, don’t forget to include the floral arrangements and aisle runner.
  • Lightings: You may love to have creative lightings to add beauty to the occasion, like the one here.
  • Decorations & Arrangements: Talk with your professional floral designer and event manager to know more about the decorations and arrangements.
  • Photography: The lighting set up for photography is a very crucial thing to note. Improper lighting may result in low-quality pictures of your cherished moments. It is always good to test the lighting set up with few sample pictures. For the best lighting set up, always hire a professional and you must have some background information

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TO DO list for Brides (Pre-Wedding: 3 to 5 months plan)

  • Invitation Cards: Now is the time for invitation cards that kick starts your imagination and creative ideas. Always good to visit few shops nearby and see the choices available with the price tag. If you are planning for additional cards such as menu cards, thank-you cards, escort cards etc don’t forget to include them in your itineraries and order it along with the invitation card.
  • Rehearsal: If you are really interested to do a rehearsal, then it’s time to book your rehearsal location, select the people who are attending the rehearsal dinner and invite them.
  • Entertainment: I am sure you have plans to entertain your guests. Get suggestions from your friends and arrange the DJ, band/musicians and be ready with the entertaining songs.
  • Kids Place: For the kids at the wedding, it is good to make the childcare arrangements to keep your valuable guests in comfort.
  • Special Arrangements: If you plan for other specialities like groom's cake or wedding favours for the guests, it is good to lock such elements now.
  • Menu: Plan the menu for the dinner. Take good care here and decide about the beverages and any specific requirements.
  • Reception: Get an overview of the reception formalities. For your venue and dinner hall, arrange for light decors and the linens. Exclusive collections available online.

Now, it’s your turn to...

  • Make yourself free
  • Invite your loved ones
  • Discuss the makeup and hairstyle
  • Get your stylist do the makeup and hair trial.
  • Discuss with your dietician, if needed, get your own fitness and beauty regimen to make yourself confident in front of the camera.
  • You can start shopping for your big day!
  • Hope you have already planned the honeymoon trips? Get the documents ready and make sure your passport is up to date.

TO DO list for Brides (Pre-Wedding: 6 to 8 weeks plan)

Only weeks lefts! And what now, it’s time

  • To mail the invitation cards to your guests.
  • Talk with the vendors, get the dates confirmed, talk about the deposits and the other details.
  • Do research and rehearsals on your dress fittings.
  • Put on your bridal shoes and practice wearing it.
  • Confirm your order on all the necessary attire for the wedding party.
  • If you have planned for the thank you cards, then write them now

TO DO list for Brides (Pre-Wedding: 3 to 5 weeks plan)

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s a kind of good feeling. really! It seems time is moving super fast. Don’t get tensed, keep yourself relaxed and stay cool.

Now, what next?

  • Send out invitations for the rehearsal dinner to the list of guests as already planned.
  • Confirm the shot list with your videographer/photographer and decide everything about the indoor and outdoor photo sessions.
  • Confirm your wedding vows and book the band/musicians and discuss the deposits.
  • Finalize the song lists for the wedding ceremony and the DJ at the reception party.
  • Prepare a timeline for the reception and make preparations for the wedding night.
  • Give some attention to the marriage license and name change documents, if any.
  • Make sure your wedding ring is delivered with perfect engraving if there is one.
  • For the final analysis, do your dress fitting, to get the final impact, do it with all your accessories including the wedding shoes.

TO DO list for Brides (Pre-Wedding: 1 to 2 weeks plan)

Now you are close to that great day of your life.

  • Have a final talk with your vendor about the list of guests, their seating arrangements, dining arrangements etc
  • Confirm the arrival timings for the ceremony and dinner timings for the wedding party. Prepare and finalize the proper timeline for both.
  • Make sure your gown has been delivered and you have your Bridal Emergency Kit handy.
  • The arrangements made at the venue must suit the weather, if there seem any changes then contact your vendor to make necessary changes.
  • If are desperately in need of any facial mask or message, it’s the time to have one.
  • On the day before, pack all your wedding items, give out the final payments, sleep early, you have to get your beauty sleep this night.

We are sure, you now have enough information to make your to-do list and ready for action. We wish you a happy, splendid and joyful moments! Blessings from our team. 

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Do you have a marriage to do list? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you. 


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