How to Style Glitter Aisle Runners

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Glitter Aisle Runner Styling

Glitter aisle runners are a top trend in weddings right now. Here's how to style them from the ceremony to reception.

Glitter Aisle Runner for Ceremony

Aisle runners are essential for every ceremony. For your ceremony decide what color best fits your style. Are you classic and want to glide down a hand-stitched white sequin aisle? Is the ceremony modern filled with greenery needing a gold touch? Consider the balance of color and where you want to focus to be. 

Glitter Aisle Runner for Reception

Who says aisle runners can't be at the reception? Guests love walking down a glittering, enchanting runner to their dinner destination. Make your guests feel like royalty with deep red colors, or use white on the beach for a fun and free feel. Whatever your style, the aisle runner can be transported from the ceremony to the reception with ease.

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Keeping the Glitter Aisle Runner

One of our brides cut a portion of the silver glitter aisle runner and put it on the escort card table for guests to sign instead of a guest book. She framed this and has it hung above her fireplace. "It's such a great keepsake because we walked down this aisle to give our vows," says Leah J., Minneapolis. "Now every day I see the love people had for us on our wedding day and remember walking down the aisle to my forever."

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Where to Get a Glitter Aisle Runner

When it comes to budgeting a wedding, an aisle runner is a "nice to have" that often gets cut. But, aisle runners make the ceremony look more formal and lively, especially if they glitter while you walk. 

Buy Glitter Aisle Runner

The best option, purchase a glitter aisle runner. They are relatively inexpensive and you can keep them as a keepsake of your special day. Our glitter aisle runners are top-notch quality and a great price.

Rent an Aisle Runner

The most expensive option, rent an aisle runner from your local linen shop. This will run you anywhere from $200 to $5,000 based on the length and material. You'll also need to pay for someone to place it and pick it up, which usually costs overtime on weekends and late nights.

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