13 Inexpensive Wedding Venues in MN

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Minnesota is a beautiful state that features various indoor and outdoor wedding venues that will simply fascinate you at first sight. There are all kinds of inexpensive wedding venues in Minnesota.

If budget is not an issue, you can look at venues like Aria and Hutton House. But, you can also plan a gorgeous affordable wedding if you do not want to spend a lot. Finding an inexpensive wedding venue in Minnesota is not too hard given the beautiful landscape of the state. 

13 Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Minnesota

Today, we are presenting the 13 best inexpensive wedding venues in MN. One of these 13 would definitely be your choice if you are looking for a beautiful wedding on a tight budget. 

What to look for in an inexpensive wedding venue

If you want an outdoor wedding, Minnesota opens the doors to many state parks, state golf courses and gardens that enable you to have the most picturesque moments for your special wedding day. Inexpensive wedding venues are not hard to come by, but finding the ones that ensure beautiful photos, amazing moments are not easy to find.

Our list of inexpensive wedding venues in MN ensure the following:

  • Affordable cost (of course)
  • Beautiful scenery 
  • Ease of access for guests
  • Best experience for the price (gotta get your bang for the buck!)
  • Experience of the location... You don't want to book a wedding venue that has never had a wedding before! That's too risky.

So what are the best inexpensive wedding venues in Minnesota?

List of 13 Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Minnesota

What are we waiting for? Let's get down to our favorite inexpensive wedding venues in MN that will make your day absolutely perfect without hurting your wallet.

  1. Red Wing Golf Course:

This beautiful wedding venue is situated near the Twin Cities. It's far enough from the city to feel like a separate oasis, but close enough for your guests to stop into the city for a night before the wedding.

It can serve 180 guests at the outdoor venue and 180 guests at the indoor venue. It has flexible timings and the rental fees. For example, a 12-hour event would be $500. You will have to pay around $150 for a setup fee for the ceremony. The average wedding cost of this wedding venue would be between $2,270 and $7,609 if you invite around 100 guests.

  1. Noerenberg Gardens:

The Noerenberg Memorial Gardens is one of the most spectacular wedding venues in Minnesota. It features locations such as historic landmarks, ocean view parks, and eye-catching garden that will add more charm to your beauty. This beautiful wedding venue is located along the shore of Crystal Bay on Lake Minnetonka.

This affordable Minnesota wedding venue features all the modern amenities for the wedding ceremony and the reception. The packages range between $350 and $600 and you can invite up to 200 guests.

  1. Normandale Japanese Garden:

The Normandale Japanese Garden is an official property of Normandale Community College. This beautiful garden is located in Bloomington where you can plan a perfect budget wedding. It is one of the oldest gardens in the metro-area site and many people choose it for the affordable ceremony cost.

This garden offers a scenic outdoor wedding venue, where 100 guests can enjoy your wedding party. The wedding cost on this beautiful garden would be around $400. So, it becomes one of the most inexpensive wedding venues in Minnesota.

Imagine our Chinese laterns in this setting. Talk about the perfect instagram post! 

  1. Midland Hills Country Club:

The Midland Hills Country Club is another beautiful venue for hosting a memorable wedding ceremony. It features natural countryside attractions. Whether you want a normal wedding or a themed wedding, the Midland Hills Country Club offers a lot of room for decoration and customization. The golf course and charming indoor halls are perfect for enjoying your special day. The wedding cost at this venue can range between $2,426 and $8,725. You can invite up to 300 guests for celebrating the most special day of your life.

  1. Cinderella’s Garden:

The Cinderella’s Garden is an eye-catching garden situated in Minnesota. It is probably the most perfect outdoor wedding venue because it was designed by florists and photographers for wedding events. This venue features space for 120 guests and you can customize the place for a memorable outdoor wedding. The wedding cost for this venue would be between $1,124 and $1,200 for a wedding ceremony of 100 guest capacity.

  1. Bug-Bee Hive Resort:

The Bug-Bee Hive Resort is considered one of the best venues for hosting a rustic style wedding in Minnesota. This resort features impressive outdoor setting for all size and all styles’ weddings. Whether you are planning for large lavish affairs or casual gatherings, the 350 guest capacity outdoor ceremony and reception venues of the Bug-Bee Hive are the best. The cost of a wedding ceremony and reception at the Bug-Bee Hive resort randes between $2,618 and $7,096.

  1. Cove Point Lodge:

If you are looking for a charming waterfront venue for your wedding, the Cove Point Lodge can be a great location to tie the knot. It is situated on the shores of Lake Superior.

This wedding venue features picturesque views of the bay along with both indoor and outdoor wedding venues. With 70 guests’ capacity, Cove Point Lodge wedding would cost between $2,009 and $3,931.

  1. Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center:

With 350 indoor and 250 outdoor guest capacity, the Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center is an affordable choice to hold a large wedding ceremony.

This place allows you to enjoy the most special day of your life in a unique and memorable way. The staff at this venue makes every theme possible and this place costs between $4,547 and $11,874 for a luxurious style wedding.

  1. Silverwood Park:

Though the Silverwood Park is not the most affordable, it still offers you a chance of planning an unforgettable event at the lowest possible cost. This park features a picturesque venue situated on the shore of the silver lake and the surrounding oak forest works as an icing on the cake. This place is perfect for both indoor and outdoor wedding events. This place costs between $1,500 and $2,300 for hosting a 272 guest wedding ceremony and reception.

  1. Gale Woods Farm:

The Gale Woods Farm is situated on the eye-catching Whaletail Lake in MN. This charming venue offers some great countryside attractions to enjoy the whole event. Its eye-catching gardens, meadows, woodlands, and lakes offer the best settings for wedding photography. The cost is between $850 and $1,800 for an amazing wedding ceremony and reception if you choose this venue. 

  1. Majestic Oaks Golf Club:

Everybody in the Twin Cities know how beautiful the Majestic Oaks Golf Club is. It is always considered as one of the best event venues in the region.

Featuring ballrooms with 100-450 guest capacity, this golf club is a great choice for hosting an amazing wedding ceremony and reception. The rentals for receptions would range between $300 and $1300 and this place offers an all-inclusive $800 package for the ceremony.

  1. Minnesota Landscape Arboretums:

Featuring vibrant flowers, serene snowcaps, and colourful autumn leaves along with many other attractions, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretums has always been a prominent wedding venue for all sorts of weddings. It features charming garden for an outdoor wedding and a sparkling indoor venue for the reception. The rentals for the wedding reception start at $800 and the ceremony rentals start at $300. You can choose a suitable package to enjoy a wonderful day.

  1. Battle Creek Regional Park:

This beautiful park features a charming garden for celebrating the most special day of your life. You can easily host an amazing wedding party to which you can invite up to 500 guests. The Battle Creek Regional Park features only outdoor weddings and the wedding cost ranges between $2,613 and $5,671. 

Conclusion on Cheap Wedding Venues in Minnesota

One of these top-rated cheap wedding venues in Minnesota can be a destination for your wedding. Check all the features and facilities and then book the venue as soon as possible.

What do you think about these wedding venues in Minnesota? Would you book one of these locations? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!

Or, you can contact us to help you find the best cheap wedding venue in Minnesota.

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