Simple Wedding Design: How to Have a Cheap Wedding

Cheap Wedding Design

Do you know why every wedding shoot like that of Pinterest is super tiny and has only ten people in it? It is because decorating a small place is easy and cost significantly less than decorating a big place with the same amount of stuff. Are you looking to have a simple wedding? Here is some simple wedding design techniques and how to have a cheap wedding while having the best day ever! First, you can save time and money by buying wedding decoration packages

Simple Wedding Design: How to Have a Cheap Wedding

Simple Wedding Design: How to Have a Cheap Wedding

If your wedding involves decorating a big space like a social hall or rec room, the prospect of decorating it might be scary. Big empty spaces come with their own set of challenges like tiny details which are likely to get swallowed up but trying to get the scale without messing with your budget is kind of hard.

However, we have come to save the day! There are plenty of ways that you can design a simple, affordable wedding. People think that DIY weddings are much more stressful to design. We disagree. With a cheap DIY wedding, you are in control. The options are endless for you to explore. DIY weddings allow for you to be creative and take this once in a lifetime experience to create something on your own.

HOW YOU WANT IT. This is your day. Let's keep it that way!

Simple Wedding Designs for a Cheap Wedding

Simple Wedding Design: How to Have a Cheap Wedding

Fortunately, there are many ways to save money and yet create a fun, elegant and memorable décor. Here are some simple wedding designs for a cheap wedding:

  • Location: The best way to have an amazing wedding is by picking a fabulous location. It will be the best way to save money on wedding decorations. Now, ofcourse, if you are planning a wedding on a tight budget, selecting a vineyard is certainly not the option. However, you may consider a public park or an art gallery. Or, think about a country setting and a small town location it will less expensive than a town wedding.Simple Wedding Design - Barn Wedding
Consider this setting for your ceremony, an outdoor location with a unique seating arrangement of hay or straw bales and add some cushions on the top of hay bales.
    • Use fairy lights: We all know that fairy lights like this give a magical vibe to any setting. And these lights do the same for any wedding reception venue.They can be hung from a table, ceiling, around the cake or in potted plants.

    Simple Wedding Design: Fairy Lights

    • Tie ribbons: Seat covers are expensive and it takes a lot of time to make one. Instead of using seat covers, tie ribbons to bring some elegance to your chair. A ribbon is a cheap alternative available when compared to those fancy seat covers.
    • Use feather: Feathers are a big trend in wedding décor, buy them in bulk and create a simple and elegant wedding design using it. You can hang them on a wall, make a centerpiece by adding flowers with it or design your altar like this.Simple Wedding Design - Feathers
    • Decorate with food: Your food and beverage menu you choose and the way you arrange it on the platter can add a lot of jazz on your day. A good centerpiece decorated with food is great because you do two-in-one! People need to eat and you get a design done as well!

    More Ideas to Plan a Simple, Affordable Wedding

    • Candles: Candles is the cheapest and classiest wedding décor available. There isn’t anything more romantic than a room lit by hundreds of candles.
    • Fabric touch: You can create a simple yet elegant wedding décor using your favorite fabric to cover everything, from tables to the ceiling. Sheer fabric works well and creates a romantic atmosphere. Experiment a little with your fabric and create a soft and intimate environment.
    • Display your engagement photos: This is one of the best chances to flaunt your chemistry with your beau. You can display your favorite photo either in a photo holder and keep on each table or consider creating a slide show for your guests.
    • Door trim: Arm your church door with loads of beautiful and seasonal flowers. This is a simple wedding design hack which can take your wedding décor to another level.
    • Balloons: This is the simplest hack, if you have a space with high ceiling, you can fill up your place using balloons. You can use giant balloons as a centerpiece like this
    Balloon CenterpiecesOr, you may even stick big balloons to the wall to give that oh-so-perfect ceremony backdrop like thisBalloon Backdrop - How to have a cheap wedding
    • Get some potted plants: In the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, they used big potted plants to decorate their isle. And create an English garden atmosphere. You can do something similar and get some plants from your home or borrow them from your friend to create this mesmerizing look.
    • Decorate altar only: If you have a naturally beautiful venue, don’t waste your money on designing the whole venue, rather just decorate your altar.
    • Throw some flower petals: Don’t have a flower girl; the idea here is to throw some flower petals on the aisle to welcome guests. Petals are cheap when compared to flowers. At Event Supply Shop, we have a ton of flow petal to choose from. 
    Simple Wedding Design: How to have a cheap wedding
    • Entrance: Instead of a large formal flower arrangement, cover up an old ladder with flowers, fairy lights, jam jars and greenery for a rustic look.
    • Give a cheap wedding décor with colorful paper pom poms: This is again a simple wedding design, you can either make is using simple DIYs or can buy them online. Pick the color which matches your flowers and tablecloth.
    • Borrow: Chances are that your friends or family who has previously got married have leftover stuff that they could hand you over. Chances are you may get a fantastic place setting or linen that totally matches your theme. So, it’s worth the try ask your people.
    • Linens: The shimmer and glimmer of a sequin tablecloth is an affordable way to give your reception a luxe on to have a cheap wedding - sequin tablecloth and centerpiece
    • Décor accents: Don’t forget about the extras that make your wedding so unique and special. Use some unexpected décor like a metal European lantern to complete the look.
    • Backdrop: Magical string lights should not be just confined to ceilings; rather they can be used as a backdrop too.
    • Alternate bar: Are full-on bar and bartender out of your budget? Let us explore a great idea here! Fill up a trough with fun and quirky drinks of your choice. It gives a rustic charm.

    Or, in case you are trying to avoid an open bar, you can have His and Her cocktails that embody your choice. And this way your guests can have drinks while you can save money and add a personal touch to the wedding.

    • Theme reception: While a theme wedding may not be the best choice for many, it provides you insights to plan your wedding decoration. This helps you simplify the process, saves time and money and impress your guests.Theme Reception - How to Have a Cheap Wedding

    Two Ideas to Simplify the Wedding Planning Process

    Here are two ideas to get you started:

    • Black and white: This classic theme is very inexpensive because the guests will themselves be the main decoration. A word of advice: Don't choose any other color with white, as most people will have something black to wear and it will be inexpensive for them too.
    • Seasonal: No matter at what time you get married, it will always be some season. For example: if it's a spring wedding, you can choose a garden based theme with gardening tools as the centerpiece. Added bonus, seasonal décor will help you save money on flowers too.

    Wedding receptions are a big event a grand party, but they don’t have to cost you a fortune if you put a little head into it, you can surely come up with crazy, creative, simple, cheap yet amazing ideas to make your big day memorable. These creative ways of managing to wed are very popular and ensure engagement of your close friends and family members. Hope you liked this article on “Simple Wedding Design” and now know how to have a cheap wedding.

    Conclusion on Simple Wedding Designs

    Sometimes having a simple wedding design equates to having a more relaxed, fun and elegant wedding. Less is more remember that. Weddings that have everything designed over the top or too much excess can feel stuffy and very uptight. A wedding is supposed to be a fun night for you and your significant other so try to keep that way through a simple wedding design.

    One of our favorite ways to maintain a cheap wedding is to keep it simple. Cheap weddings are possible. Especially with the help of Event Supply Shop. With our help and supplies, you can create a simple DIY wedding from scratch or build something unique with the help of other vendors. brewery wedding would look a lot different than a boho wedding. So, stay creative. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We'd love to help you plan a cheap, simple wedding design. 

    How do you think you can have a cheap wedding? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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