Top 9 Minneapolis Bachelorette Party Ideas: Plan A Fun Night Out

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Minneapolis is home to a lot of fun events, restaurants and bars to choose from. These are the best Minneapolis bachelorette party ideas. 

Top 9 Minneapolis Bachelorette Party Ideas: Plan A Fun Night Out

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Planning a bachelorette party can be stressful, so we're here to help.

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One stylish way for a bride to bid farewell to her single days is at a bachelorette party. Whether it’s being held out of town in a Caribbean beach, in a spa while enjoying a massage, a manicure or a pedicure or it is in somewhere in a boat cruising, bachelorette parties should be fun and involve low-pressure activities for everyone to enjoy. When planning a Minneapolis bachelorette party, you can never run out of ideas on fun activities and places to spend a fun night out.

A bachelorette party is ideal for the bride and the team to get away from the tedious activities of wedding plans. If you have a mandate to throw a bachelorette party, you must understand several things. It is necessary to involve the bride, talk to her to find out how and what they would love to see and have in the party. You need to ensure whatever you plan to will fit in well with the schedule of everyone involved.

Find ideas about the things that will please the guests and the bride to be. Minneapolis is packed with great venues including nightlife pubs and clubs to hold a bachelorette party. If you’re looking for a chic urban experience, then you can consider a luxury hotel or pub in downtown Minneapolis.

Before we get into the specifics of planning a bachelorette party in downtown Minneapolis, let's highlight a planning a bachelorette party checklist. 

Planning a Bachelorette Party Checklist 

Follow these steps to ensure you plan the best bachelorette party.

  • Choose the Date

The date and the day when the party will take place are very crucial. It is imperative to consider the schedule of both the guests and the bride to be. Choose a date that will be most convenient to them.

You do not want to hold the party too close to the day of the wedding to avoid hangovers. The most recommendable time is around 2-3 weeks to the wedding day. The place you plan to go and the activities that you intend to do can also play a part in your decision of the day and the date to schedule the party.

  • Create a Budget

Another vital aspect is where the finances to fund the party will come from. The bride was not supposed to give even a dime when planning a bachelorette traditionally. The attendees and the bridal team were the ones who would chip in and fund the party.

If you decide to go that route, just let everyone involved know the budget and how much they need to contribute.

Then, determine the day of collection and the due date when everyone must ensure they have sent their contributions. After you collect the money, then you can plan when to go around and buy the goodies and treats that you need to buy to keep them ready for the party.

In some instances, the party would be held as a surprise gift to treat the bride. The planner in such a scenario had to be a very close person to the bride to know her schedule; her likes and dislikes well to avoid any inconveniences.

  • Decide the Number of Guests to Invite and How they will be Informed

A bachelorette party can be a costly affair. One way to help you decide the number of guests to invite is the budget as well as the activities that will take place. Most people plan a party of around 10-20 people. It is also easier to plan and manage a small crew than a big number of people.

The bachelorette party is mainly for close girlfriends of the bride and the bridal team. Who to invite is a very crucial aspect as well. How to invite the guests to the bachelorette party is yet another fundamental aspect.  You must plan how they will be invited and via what, that is, whether they will be given a call or sending a cute invitation card will be necessary.

  • Decide the Venue

The location where the party will take place is also another crucial aspect. You need to find out if the venue you plan to go for the night out is already reserved before you book it. The budget is also another determinant. The rules about the number of people the venue can host also play a huge role in deciding where to hold the party.

Whatever the place, be it in a club, a yoga or spa retreat, a hotel, or a home, you need to check their details keenly when planning a night out bachelorette party.

Some places offer special treats to bachelorettes, and so it’s best to let the venue know the kind of event you’re planning to hold. The idea is to create a fun and memorable party for the bachelorette. You can also choose more than one venue and make it fun hopping from one place to the next.

  • Choose a Theme

After you select a venue, you can then choose the décor as well as the vendor to adorn the venue. When decorating it, the color theme is a critical aspect. You can ask the bride the color that they would like to be used or pick her favorite color as the theme color.

Also, let the guests know the theme color and the dress code for the bachelorette night out party. Color theme and the dress code make the party more colorful and memorable.

  • Decide the Mode of Transport

You must plan how the people involved will travel to the place you’ve chosen to hold the party. If the means of transportation is by sea, or air or by road, then plan all the minor details of the primary means of transport they will use. You need to know if you will be going together as a group or everyone will find their way to the location.

If you choose to host the party in more than one place, then it is ideal to pick a fashionable way of traveling between the venues. For example, you can have a limo or a cocktail flight to add the luxury bit to it and to make it more remarkable.

  • Plan the Meals and Drinks

It is vital to know what the guests’ will eat and drink. If you choose the place and catering as a package, then snacks and beverages will be provided.

Bachelorette parties are perfect times to indulge in local and creative cuisines. Coupled with cocktails, great meals create lifelong friendships.

  • Plan the Activities that Will Take Place

The party activities must be fun and involving. The party is a time to let down and forget everything about the wedding plans and may include extreme levels of naughtiness.

By having a few beverages, the bride to be can let loose and have a blast with girlfriends.

If you plan to dance a karaoke, then you must expect to have a DJ and a sound system. Some venues also provide the sound system as a package, and thus you can book it as a package.

It is vital to plan different activities so that everyone at the party will find something to their liking. The best way is to have current and upcoming activities that go with the moment. You can plan to surprise the bride by playing their favorite genre of music or if possible by inviting their favorite musician to perform their favorite songs to them. It can also be a laid back bachelorette party with just a few activities.

  • Plan the Gifts for the Guests

It is a custom to have the bride give bachelorette gifts to her guests. Ensure that gifts are ready and placed where the bride can access them. There are numerous cute and chic ideas for planning the bachelorette party favors from stylish coasters, Heart sunnies to wishing bracelet. The party favors with the bachelorette name engraved on it can leave an indelible mark and will make the night out memorable.

9 Best Minneapolis Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you want to plan a creative bachelorette party, try out a few of these top 9 Minneapolis bachelorette party ideas:

  1. Visit the Theater

One way to help the bride forget the overwhelming plans of the wedding is by visiting a theater. You can plan a visit to the theaters in Minneapolis and enjoy some drama at the dinner table.

You can check out some great and popular Minneapolis theaters including Chanhassen Dinner Theatre which is one of the largest dinner theater in the country. Another amazing theater is the Guthrie Theater. Guthrie Theater has an awesome patio where you can go and enjoy a thrilling dance.

  1. Plan for a Night of Games

If the team loves to have fun while playing games, then you can plan to have a night of games. Games will not only help you relax the mind but also in strengthening your friendship.

In Minneapolis, you can take your team of girlfriends to Dave and Buster’s. In addition to fun activities and games, you will also enjoy delicious meals and drinks. You will play some classic and trailblazing video games.

  1. Attend International Music or Dance Show

If you don’t’ want to go the long route, you can go for alternative bachelorette party ideas. It is not a must that you take a bank-breaking trip to Las Vegas. Minnesota is full of many viable nightlife options.

You can go to international music or dance show at the Cedar Cultural Center which is seated in the heart of the Twin Cities. Cedar Cultural center presents over 200 concerts per year from different genres and the finest in local, national, and international music.

  1. Go for a Brewery Tour

Minneapolis is home to some of the best breweries in the nation. Another fun activity you can plan with the girlfriends is to go for a brewery tour. Minnesota local craft breweries have thrived in the past few years. You can consider taking the bachelorette party on a brewery tour. You can choose to learn about the brewpub scene in Minneapolis and taste the different types of craft beer on a guided 3-hour brewery tour.

  1. Attend an Interactive Murder Mystery

In Minneapolis, you will never run out of ideas of fun activities that you can do. Another exciting thing that you can do is attend the Minneapolis Dinner Detective which is perfect for the mystery lovers. With a variety of dance, a theater among other events, you can choose whatever suits the teams fancy.

  1. Visit an Improv Theatre or a Comedy Club

Visiting a comedy club is yet another exciting, fun activity to do in Minneapolis. Plan to have a good laugh at an improvisational theatre, comedy club, or in a satire performance at a place like Brave New Workshop. It is one of the oldest satirical comedy clubs in the country.

  1. Enjoy Cocktails

If the group fancy is having a chit chat while enjoying delicious cocktails, you can visit the Upstairs Circus. It has a bar and a shop concept that will also capture your attention and keep you engaged. You can create crafts that you can take with you as a memory. 

  1. Attend Minnesota Orchestra

Another laid back bachelorette party idea is listening to the Minnesota Orchestra. You can visit the Minnesota Orchestra Hall for soothing orchestra performance. The place is famous for the fantastic acoustics. If you love to have an Orchestra dance, then you can go there for the night out party.

  1. Catch Great Live Music

Minneapolis has numerous places where you can catch some great live band performing rock, R & Bs, blues, or a mix of them all. One great place you can listen to some great live music as you enjoy a few glasses of drink is at the Bunkers in Minneapolis.

Related Bachelorette Party Gifts

Our gifts section has a number of different bachelorette party gifts that are highly suitable for your party. Here is a list of our favorite bachelorette party gifts for your planning. 

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4. Inflatable Swimming Pool Flamingo Drink Cup Holders

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Conclusion on Minneapolis Bachelorette Party

If you don’t’ want to go the long route, you can go for alternative bachelorette party ideas. Some alternative bachelorette party ideas that don’t involve loud music and getting drunk may include playing a chess game, doing childhood activities and yoga activities and more.

If you’re planning a Minneapolis bachelorette party, then these ideas will help you plan a perfect and unforgettable bachelorette party.

What are your favorite bachelorette party ideas? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!

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