Ring Resizing Guide: How to Avoid Ruining Your Ring

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Ring resizing can be a stressful process. You don't want to ruin a precious piece of jewelry. Here is how to resize your ring without ruining it.

Ring Resizing Guide: How to Avoid Ruining Your Ring

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Here's a ring resizing guide to help you save your ring.

Ring Resizing Guide

Rings are ornamental pieces of jewelry mostly worn on the hands. They can have a wide range of meanings and can be worn for different purposes. One significant time a ring is vital is in marriage.

A majority of couples use rings to show that they are now married and to prove their commitment to each other. If it doesn’t fit the wearer properly, then ring resizing becomes necessary.

Wedding rings and engagement rings are the most common types of rings that carry immense sentimental value for their owners. Sometimes one may want to give a ring as a surprise gift, for example in engagement rings, but fail to have the correct size for the intended recipient.

In other occasions, someone may grow bigger or smaller, making it necessary to change the size of the ring when they don’t want to get a new one.

You don’t have to worry if you missed the correct size of the ring for your partner, or fingers have grown bigger or smaller. If the ring doesn’t fit, you can always resize the ring to fit.

You don’t need to change the ring and have a budget for an entirely new one. Ring resizing is possible, whether you want it smaller or bigger. You can have your ring resized smaller or larger depending on your needs.

However, some rings can’t be resized due to the nature of the material they are made of, or the design of the specific ring. In this article, we are going to look at ring resizing guide, the rings that can be resized and other tips that you need to know about ring resizing.

Ways for Ring Resizing

It's as simple as either resizing your ring up (bigger) or down (smaller). Those are the only two ways that you can resize your ring. Here are a few ways of ring resizing within those segments:

Resizing a Ring Down

Wedding rings and wedding bands play a similar role. However, most people prefer wedding rings to wedding bands.  It is thus essential to be able to resize a wedding ring to avoid buying a new one altogether.

Many jewelers offer ring resizing services in their stores, but before you take the step of going to that jeweler, you may need to research to ensure you get a perfect service. Knowing how to avoid ruining your ring is also essential if you are doing the resizing at home.

Wedding ring resizing can be very tricky due to the value attached to the ring, but if you have the right jeweler, you need not worry. Resizing the ring smaller can be done by cutting some metal out of the ring’s band and then soldering the edges back and smoothing it.

Since the new ring resized will have lost the original circular shape after resizing, the jeweler will reshape the ring to restore that perfect circular shape.

It is the easiest way of resizing. Some rings that are ornate or those that have specific designs on the entire band must be rebuilt since just resizing won’t be possible.

A specialist should be sought to ensure the process is successful. The specialist may remove the decorating gems and then resize the ring and then put the gems back.

Resizing the Ring Up

When making the ring larger, there are two methods that the specialist can perform. Resizing your ring can be done, either by cutting the ring and adding an extra metal on the band or by stretching the ring if the plus size needed is not much.

When the ring has diamonds around the entire band or the design is all over the band, it may be very tricky to resize the ring, and it may be necessary to change the pattern for it to happen.

Adding an extra piece on the bottom of the band is very useful to make the size even twice the size. On the other hand, stretching the ring adds up to half the size of the ring. Resizing the ring up costs more than resizing downsize since there is a need for some extra material.

Sometimes, you may not have enough time to take your ring to a jeweler to resize it for you and may decide to do it yourself at home.

Tips to Resize a Ring Smaller at Home

Whether it’s an engagement ring resizing, a wedding ring or any other ring, here are some tips on how to resize a ring smaller at home.

  • Use Plastic Guard

 There are widely available, plastic ring adjusters which are cheap and you can use them to resize your ring small without the need of going to a jeweler. The adjusters are temporary and therefore suitable for those people who don’t want a permanent change in their rings.

  • Using Safe Food-Grade Silicone

When using food grade silicone adhesive, you need first to clean your ring thoroughly and dry it. Then apply the silicon gently using an applicator on the inside bottom of the ring.

Apply a small amount of silicone on the outside of the ring’s sides to avoid the one you’ve applied inside from coming out.

From there, smooth the silicone adhesive using the applicator as much as possible, and then clean the ring off any excess adhesive. It is done on the outer side of the ring with a slightly wet paper towel. You should then give the ample silicone time to cure before trying on your ring. If need be, you can apply more coatings of silicon as you require.

For the process of ring resizing to go well, the ring must be from a material that the jeweler can work on. Some of the elements that can be resized include gold, silver, platinum and more. There should also be enough space for the resizing to take place. Just as some metals can be resized, some rings are very tricky or impossible to resize.

Some rings have their sparkler set all around the band also known as eternity band which may make it impossible for the ring to be resized. Because the diamonds or stones are fixed on the entire band, it leaves no room for any resizing.

Some materials that cannot be resized include:

  • Tungsten is one of the elements that are very hard to resize. If a ring is made of tungsten, it is not possible to change the size since the material is very hard.
  • Rings made of rose gold are not easy to resize since the metal cracks and can damage the ring.
  • Titanium can also be hard or impossible to resize as the metal is very hard making it so difficult to change the ring.
  • Steel, ceramic, black zirconium and zirconium are in most cases impossible to resize thus one has to find other ways of making the rings made out of these metals fit.

Resizing rings smaller is easier and cheaper than resizing the ring up since you are removing some of the extra parts unlike resizing up where you need to add more metal to the ring or stretch the ring.

Conclusion on Ring Resizing

Ring resizing is of paramount importance especially when it comes to wedding rings, engagement rings, and other highly valued rings. In case your ring is smaller, larger or can’t fit anymore, it’s vital to know you can resize it to fit.

What do you think about our ring resizing guide? Please let us know in the comments below. 

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