Designing the Perfect Event: Fairy Light Decoration Ideas

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Nothing sets the mood of a space quite like the right lighting. Candles, fairy lights and lanterns all set an ambiance and add warmth to any event. Today, we have come up with fresh fairy light decoration ideas to decorate your home using fairy lights.

Designing the Perfect Event: Fairy Light Decoration Ideas

Designing the Perfect Event: Fairy Light Decoration Ideas

What are fairy lights?

If you have taken a peek at internet lately, you must have noticed one trend that is all around: Fairy lights. Fairy lights are tiny string lights, generally found with a thin copper wire and small bright bulbs. Their beauty and versatility have made them popular, they can be used to make almost anything and everything magical and thrown into more DIYs than you can imagine.

Fairy Light Decoration Ideas

Fairy Light Decoration Ideas

Here are few ways you can use fairy light decoration ideas for some super amazing projects. If you don’t have fairy light decoration ideas to experiment with, why not try or experiment the same.

  • Picture display: Make your walls your diary; let them talk about your memories and your favorite time. Get some Polaroid's of your friends and family and string them across the wall using fairy lights to create this magical effect.

Fairy Lights

  • Mason jar: Use Mason jars and fill them with fairy lights. Hang them on some re-purposed wood to create the rustic décor of your dreams like the way shown in the picture.

Fairy Lights in Mason Jars

  • Mirror-Mirror on the wall: You can drape your mirror with fairy lights, to make it go from bland to bright and make your reflection a little more magical.
  • Candles: Planning a candlelight dinner with your significant other We recommend drape your candles with fairy light to make your moment oh-so-special.
  • Lighted Quote: Another quick way to personalize your wall, spell an inspirational word and light up your message.
  • Shelves: Is your bookshelf looking boring? Quickly bright it up by hanging fairy lights behind the shelves to fill in the empty space. What an amazing view, right?
  • Homemade stars: Love star grazing? Ever thought of getting those constellations on the roof of your bedroom? Make your own starry sky using this DIY method, so you are always looking up at a sky full of stars.
  • Create a tree: Are you a rustic look chick? Then you know the best piece of decoration is available in your backyard: branches. Whether hung from the ceiling or covered in spray paint, they are simply the most amazing and cheap way to up your décor. You can go a step further and wrap fairy lights to make them shine.
  • Wine bottles: Don’t throw away those empty wine bottles; rather fill them up with fairy lights to create a spectacular centrepiece.
  • Bed canopy: Lit up your bed canopy using fairy lights. And it will give you the feel of sleeping in the magical land.
  • Chandelier: You can make a Hula-Hoop chandelier using fairy lights. It will light up your dining room or any outside event.
  • Milk jug Lights: You can make Halloween lights by filling up the milk jugs with lights and painting faces on it to give it Halloween feel.
  • Backyard setting: Brighten up your backyard using fairy lights. They can give you a great set up for spending your evening outside.
  • Bedside swag: Add a little magic to your bedside using these fairy lights, adding just a cloud can also light up your bedside
  • Pinboard: You can also use fairy lights to brighten up your pin-board, and along with it lighten up your memories.
  • Birdcage: Do you have a bird-cage sitting idle in your home? Use it to create this awesome centrepiece.
  • Ten House: Another fun idea is to make a tent for your little one, and brighten it up with a little fairy light.
  • Lantern: Now you can make your lamp sparkle by filling empty shells with fairy light. It will give a magical and unique look to your place. A host of interesting information available online on fairy lamps.
  • Staircase: Are you having a sleepover or party? Light up your staircase by wrapping them around the stairs to create this lovely look.
  • Planted décor: Don’t have a place for an outdoor garden? Doesn’t mean you cannot have your own garden. Jazz up your space by nailing some recovered wood to your wall and add mason jars and fairy lights to make this center of attraction of your room.

Wedding Decoration Ideas with Fairy Lighting

Are you getting married? Do you know that fairy lights can totally set the mood for your wedding reception party? Not just that these lights can present you with the most stunning décor. Don't believe us? Have a look at the following to light up your reception. Check them out and steal them too. There are a number of ways you can use fairy lights in your wedding decorations.Think about fairy lights as a wedding centerpiece design. 

  1. Star-lit effect: Having an outdoor reception party? Lit up your ceiling by draping these lights, you can also combine them with tiny star lights to give a star-lit effect.
  2. Light-it up: Drape every single corner of your venue using these lights, including columns to create a mesmerizing effect. An added benefit, your wedding photographs will look magical because of the effect of these lights.
  3. Enchanted garden: You can also combine these lights with hanging lanterns and flowers and create your own fairy-tale like enchanted garden inspired alter.
  4. Orb lights: Change the traditional look; try swapping the traditional chandeliers with rustic iron orbs lights, to create this la-la land effect.
  5. Marquee sign: Another idea is to light up the marquee sign for an elegant looking décor, you can add it either inside or outside your venue.
  6. Giant chandelier: Wedding has always been about making a statement one doesn’t forget in a long long time. Try making a giant chandelier made of paper over your sweetheart table.
  7. Paper lanterns: This one is the most commonly used idea, how about you cover your entire ceiling with paper lanterns to create this magical look.
  8. Over dance floor: By now, we all know that fairy lights create an amazing romantic vibe, how about you create one web of lights over your dance floor for a romantic first dance.
  9. Chandelier: Choose chandelier to set the style for your D-day, glamourous chandelier transforms the vibes of a place.

We all love birthday parties. But are you planning one? Worried about how to decorate it? Don’t worry we have some amazing fairy light decoration ideas for you to style up your party, using fairy lights.

  • Ceiling: Light up the corner of your ceilings to give it a special height and make the bland corners brighten up. You can add balloons too, and create something like this.

Fairy Lights with Balloons

  • Cake table: Is it your little one’s birthday? And we all know how much kids adore lights. Create a fun flair by adding a multi-color cloth and fairy lights and create a look like this

Fairy Lights Cake Table

Or, you may even create another look using the same material. Something like this

Cake Table with Fairy Lights - Fairy Light Decoration Ideas

  1. Ramp walk: While planning your princess’s birthday party, you can make a ramp and make her and her friends feel a little more special.
  2. Party background: Create an amazing fairy lights curtain background. Remember to use waterproof lights when creating such a curtain.

Fairy Light Decoration Ideas Conclusion

To sum up, make your occasion shine and bright with fairy lights. Fairy lights are the most versatile lighting and people love them in our shop! There are so many fairy light decorations to choose from and they make for a beautiful event including these considerations for what to wear to a wedding in central park.  We especially love using fairy lights in your wedding centerpiece design. Hope you find this article on fairy light decoration ideas useful.

What fairy light decoration ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you. 

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