Wedding Guest Interview with The Budget Savvy Bride

Wedding Guest Interview with The Budget Savvy Bride

We interviewed The Budget Savvy Bride to see what their best tips were for the bride-to-be! We are excited to share her DIY wedding ideas, lessons learned from the wedding process, and more. We've given you our three favorite cheap DIY wedding ideas, now hear it from one of the best in the business!

Interview with Budget Savvy Bride 

What is the one piece of advice that you'd give to people recently engaged and starting the wedding planning process?

My best advice is to start by thinking about your priorities and vision for your day. Do you want a large or small wedding? Something casual or luxurious? Local or destination? Consider the feelings you want to have on your wedding day and let them guide your decisions when it comes to planning and your budget. 

Why The Budget Savvy Bride? What do you hope to accomplish in the near-term and the long-term?

The Budget Savvy Bride has been inspiring couples to plan a beautiful wedding on an affordable budget for 10 years this year, and we aim to continue that mission by bringing more real budget weddings, DIY projects, advice, and resources to our audience!

What inspired you to create your site? What's one thing that you didn't  know that you know now?

I started The Budget Savvy Bride while planning my own budget wedding ten years ago! I was in the same shoes that our readers are in, and I learned a ton along the way. One thing I discovered is that there really is no one-size-fits-all advice. You have to look at everything through your own lens and decide what works for your priorities and budget. 

What are your favorite 'wedding hacks' to stay within budget for a wedding?

Everyone's budget is unique to them, but there are some great tricks to cut costs if you need to. Consider taking on certain tasks and items yourself or with the help of friends and family in lieu of hiring professionals if it's cost-prohibitive. But also remember to be realistic about your own abilities, skill level, and time availability. I'd recommend sticking to DIYing elements that don't require a ton of your time and attention on the wedding day. If you can find a venue that allows you to supply your own alcohol, for example, you'll have more control over the cost-per-bottle and can choose options within your budget.

What is your favorite way to plan for a wedding? With a planner or on your own?

Whether you're hiring a planner or doing it all yourself, it's important to stay organized and on-task. I recommend getting a dedicated planner, such as my new book, The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer, which walks you through every step of the process so you don't miss a thing!

What are some wedding tricks that you wish you knew when you were getting married?

Looking back, I think I would've had a smaller guest list. The larger the wedding, the more costs involved. You can treat your guests to a nicer experience if you invite fewer people. 

What have you learned through The Budget Savvy Bride? 
The real weddings we feature are incredibly unique and inspiring! They've shown me that there is no limit to what you can do with creativity, dedication, and determination! Just because a wedding is inexpensive doesn't mean it will look cheap, and the events we feature prove that in spades!
What do you do to learn more about the wedding process? 
I've worked in several different areas of the wedding industry in my time as a blogger. From assisting a wedding photographer, to designing wedding invitations, to catering work, to assisting wedding planners and coordinators -- I've seen the industry from nearly every side. It's definitely given me an appreciation and respect for the hard work that professionals do, even if it's not always possible for couples to afford to hire them.

Conclusion: Wedding Interview with The Budget Savvy Bride

To put on cheap DIY wedding, you need to be savvy and do your homework! However, no need to be overkill. Find your creative instincts and be determined to find them. Through Event Supply Shop, you can find some of the best wedding collection items for an affordable cost.
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