Top 13 Barn Wedding Venues in Illinois

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A barn wedding venue can make your rustic wedding experience a magical one. Here are some of the best barn wedding venues in Illinois.

Top 13 Barn Wedding Venues in Illinois

Illinois Barn Wedding Venues

A wedding day is a special event in the life of every bride. However, some brides want to make it more memorable and unique. This is the reason; the theme of barn weddings is gaining so much popularity.

If you are looking for the perfect barn wedding venues in Illinois, this article will offer necessary guidance to you.

So without any further delay, let’s take a look at the best venues that serve the purpose for ideal barn weddings in Illinois.

List of Best Illinois Barn Wedding Venues

How did these venues make our list of best barn wedding locations? Well, they comprised of top affordability, picturesque settings and outstanding locations.

You'll find that a number of these locations have on-site vineyards and/or outstanding dining options.

Parker Run Vineyards

Situated in New Windsor, Illinois, this is one of the most popular barn wedding venues in Illinois. Parker Run Vineyards boasts its amazing outdoors and beautifully restored heritage. This rustic wedding venue is capable of hosting a complete wedding celebration. It offers suitable arrangements for your ceremony, reception, and cocktail party.

Located among the serene landscapes, the venue offers two specific places for all types of rustic weddings. The historic red barn area is ideal for barn weddings. The Brooder House is a great option for hosting even bigger weddings.

The highlights of its picturesque ground include grapevines, white fencing, grassy lawns, and gazebo with lake view. If you are thinking of staging your wedding ceremony outdoors, there is an ample amount of space to do it.

Bryon Colby Barn

The Bryon Colby Barn in Grayslake, Illinois, is the perfect venue for a romantic and rustic wedding. Constructed in 1885 by Byron Colby, this space was restored by the Prairie Crossing conservation community.

It offers the best backdrops for gorgeous photos and wedding ceremony. The highlights of the barn wedding venue include rolling prairie, charming gazebo, and magical trees. The place also offers a stunning view of Lake Aldo Leopold.

This repurposed historic venue is warm and sweet, which is a unique place to plan your wedding ceremony and reception.

Abbey Farms

Abbey Farms is an ideal place to host an astounding wedding reception. This rustic, stunning, and chic style barn venue engages its guests. The sunset is truly amazing. In addition, its picturesque landscape is one of the biggest reasons why it is one of the top barn wedding venues in Illinois.

The breathtaking scenery of this sweeping farmland is not the only reason why it is the best option for rustic weddings. It has a reclaimed barn wood-clad walls, which are 100-year-old. In addition, the twinkling chandeliers are also there to cast a vintage charm.

With its elegant and mesmerizing appearance, you can arrange an utterly remarkable wedding reception at Abbey Farms. Here, you will get access to everything to make your big day even more special.

There is an engaging reception hall at the emporium. In addition, you will also get access to its restroom, private parlor and all other facilities under one roof.

To make your guest more comfortable, this venue also has climate control. Moreover, paved parking is another plus that turns out to be handy when it’s a rainy day.

Oak Hill Farm

The storybook setting of this wedding venue would take you back in history. The Oak Hill Farm and hay barn at Oak Hill was first constructed in 1891, which sprawls on an area of 172 acres. The majestic oak trees and lush gardens provide a nice backdrop for your wedding photos.

The perfectly restored barn has all the amenities that you may need for your wedding celebrations.

There are separate quarters for the bride and groom. The wedding party will also get a chance to stay at their independent dressing quarters. St. John’s Church, which is an exquisite treasure of 1860, allows you to get married in pure traditional style.

The horse-drawn carriage and classic 1931 Ford Model A are a few of the most attractive elements of Oak Hill Farm. You can choose any one of these escort options to give a majestic feel to your wedding.

Willoughby Farm

If you are thinking of celebrating an authentic vintage style wedding, Willoughby farm is a viable option. This place has all the elements, which are essential for a rustic wedding. The bank barn is a suitable place for an average sized wedding. In addition, you can also take advantage of the farmyard for bigger events.

There is a white wooden arbor, which is a perfect place to celebrate your first kiss as a married couple.

The first floor of a vintage farmhouse is available for the bride to prepare herself for the wedding. The house has air conditioning and heating facilities to make you and your guests comfortable.

The place also boasts an invigorating and refreshing fragrance, which prevails in the countryside breeze. The beautiful landscape and vintage settings of the area makes Willoughby Farm a perfect venue for barn weddings.

Emerson Creek Pottery and Tearoom Barn

This elegant venue is rustic and attractive, offering all the ingredients to stage your wedding in a perfect way. Here, the bride gets the extravagant treatment she surely deserves. The management of this wedding barn is cooperative and cater to the likes and dislikes of a bride.

Emerson Creek greets you to a unique wedding experience. The remodeled barn with its perfect finishing adds a pleasant feel to your big day. The massive size of the event tent and shining chandeliers create a mesmerizing effect.

Moreover, the two fire pots and stone patio is also there to offer a relaxing place for the guests to chat and enjoy a beautiful sunset. The landscape around Emerson Creek is worth seeing.

Its picture-perfect setting allows you to take some stunning wedding photos.

The Barn at Cottonwood

This is one of the most charming barn wedding venues in Illinois. The place is so attractive that you will fall in love with it. The Barn covers an area of 5,000-sq foot, which has an Amish built barn with a pavilion made up of vintage timber frame. This serves as an ideal place for barn weddings. The guests will feel at home when staying on the farm.

The country backdrop and subtle atmosphere of this venue allow you to celebrate your dream wedding in a rustic fashion.

Vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, crystal chandelier, and a six-foot gleaming promote a romantic and dramatic atmosphere.

Barn at Allen Acres

Apart from being a historical landmark, the Barn at Allen Acres is a breathtaking place for the best barn weddings in Illinois. The barn is a part of 1920’s dairy farm, which has received beautiful restoration work. This place has a traditional and rustic appeal, which is the most essential ingredient for typical barn weddings.

With its hay bale seating, exposed beams, and vintage barn doors, the Barn is a perfect chic venue for the wedding of your dreams. It serves as an ideal option for those brides who are looking for an unmatched combination of style and simplicity. The charming atmosphere of this barn venue is sufficient to create warm memories for you and your family.

Surrounded by rolling hills, the property covers an area of 3.5 acres. The natural ambiance of this venue and provision of all the elements of rustic weddings make this place a suitable option for a countryside wedding.

The mesmerizing landscape of the venue allows you to capture some of the great wedding photos. The barn is spacious enough for all types of weddings receptions. The venue gives you the opportunity to dine, dance, and celebrate the big day in a chic style.

The Hudson Farm

Located in Urbana, Illinois, the Hudson Farm is one of the most surprisingly beautiful and unique rustic wedding venues in Illinois. This soybean and corn farm turns out to be an ideal place to celebrate rustic weddings.

The farm can accommodate you in all manners when it comes to deciding the venue for the wedding celebrations. You can either go for an open-air ceremony or choose the vintage barn for the purpose. Both these options ensure a perfect chic style wedding experience.

The rustic settings and other picturesque elements of the farm allow you to take some amazing wedding photos. The reception area is also stunning and offers ample space for the guests. The dance floor gives you a warm welcome, giving you a reason to show your moves.

The Hudson Farm has all the features to make your wedding a truly special event of your life.

The Alexander Majors Barn

The venue serves the purpose well for all types of barn weddings in Illinois. This place has a unique and vintage ambiance; this allows you to spend your wedding day in a chic style fashion. Located in the heart of South Kansas City, this venue is easy to access.

The venue provides sufficient space for more than 150 people. It has all the amenities including a private bridal suite, catering kitchen, and in-house photography.

The Alexander Majors Barn gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate your wedding in a most romantic manner.

The Kuipers Family Farm

The Kuipers family farm offers a warm welcome to you and your guest with its serene landscape and vintage settings. The farm sprawls on an area of 230 acres and is home to some of the best apple orchards in the area.

The views are so spectacular that you will immediately fall in love with the place. The elegance of this wedding venue adds more thrill to your wedding celebrations.

The long porch is ideal for getting yourself relaxed and enjoying the mesmerizing views.

Bluestem Farm and Events

Originally built in the 1900s, this elegant barn wedding venue gives a combined feel of vintage and modern architecture. Since it was a dairy barn, there is an ample amount of space for the guest. There are two separate portions for reception and wedding ceremony.

For dance, you can take advantage of the outdoor porch, which looks stunning during the night. It offers all the amenities that you expect from the rustic wedding venues in Illinois.

Heritage Prairie Farm

Located among the splendor of Mother Nature, the Heritage Prairie Farm is a perfect place to celebrate your wedding. The sheer natural beauty and unique ambiance of this farm is one of the various reasons, as to why you should consider this venue while planning a rustic wedding.

The menu includes countryside cuisines and delicious desserts. You can also share your menu for the day. The prime location of this venue allows you to access the farm during any weather condition. Moreover, it offers all the facilities to ensure the highest level of hospitality.

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Conclusion on Best Barn Wedding Venus in Illinois

Rustic weddings are unique and add more excitement to your big day. The vintage layout and peaceful atmosphere of a barn wedding venue give you a royal treatment.

After getting all the relevant information regarding barn wedding venues, it’s up to you to choose the best option. In the end, we wish good luck to those who are going to tie the knot in the coming days.

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