5 Ways to Plan a Simple Cheap Wedding

The perfect wedding: simple, cheap, and fun. Weddings with all the bells and whistles are fun, but a simple, inexpensive wedding can be even better. Here is how to have a simple cheap wedding with style. 

Plan a simple, cheap wedding

When you're planning a simple, inexpensive wedding it is important to remember what you want out of your day. It is easy to spend on frivolous things for a wedding. So, before every purchase ask yourself: will this make a difference on that day? Then consider if you will remember it late on.  

1. Choose your focus for a simple wedding

The first step - decide what you want. Make sure the money that you spend goes to something that is important to you. No matter what your budget is, you need to know where you want your money to go. Do you love desserts? Splurge on cake. Do you love flowers? Make 'em big. Are you and your spouse big foodies? Get some food trucks. Do you just want a courthouse wedding with a fancy bottle of champagne at the end? Get that Dom Perignon. 

2. Pick simple wedding decorations

The key to having an inexpensive wedding is carefully choosing the best decorations for your budget. Pick a theme that is easy to buy for - think classic colors with pops of character. An easy add is a sequin table skirt. 

Bohemian weddings are also easy to DIY. Stop by your local flea market for bohemian lanterns, grab a few printed tablecloths for accent tables, and spring artificial rose petals throughout your venue.

Whatever theme you choose remember to carefully pick decorations to ensure you don't buy too much. 

3. Purchase cheap wedding decorations

Once you pick your theme and browse some cheap wedding decorations, look for a place to purchase the decorations. Second-hand bridal stores are the perfect spot to look for small weddings. But, be careful - do not buy anything that doesn't have a match or enough for what you need. You might think you can find a match or replacement, but that is near impossible! You are much better off going to an online retailer to purchase in bulk. 

Ways to keep costs down:

4. Ask friends to decorate your simple wedding

The best part about simple weddings is you don't need expensive wedding planners or setup fees. Ask a few friends to help you set up while you are getting ready. They can place the table cloths, turn on flameless candles, and make sure all the centerpieces are in place. 

5. Re-sell your simple wedding decorations

After your big day pack everything up and bring it to a second hand wedding store. Save your keepsakes of course! You will want items to remember your big day. But, you can make your money back on items like:

Take these items in and use the money for your honeymoon! 

That's how to plan a simple cheap wedding

These 5 steps will help you plan a simple, cost-effective wedding so you can focus on each other instead of the bill. We hope you can find everything you need at low prices here on Event Supply Shop. Cheers!


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