How to Create Glitter Alcohol Bottles (And Plan the Perfect Event!)

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Serving alcohol is an important tradition in many cultures. Champagnes, wines, and other forms of alcohol are served whenever there is a small or a major event. These will go perfect with our line of glitter event products. 

How to Create Glitter Alcohol Bottles (And Plan the Perfect Event!)

What else can be better than serving wine or champagne out of a handmade glittered bottle? 

Though it sounds an amazing idea, creating glittering alcohol bottles is not an easy task. It can be a bit easier if you know the right method to prepare glitter alcohol bottles. You might have empty alcohol bottles in your home. Instead of throwing them away, you should follow the given tips to prepare glitter alcohol bottles. Thus, you can turn waste champagne and wine bottles into charming bottles, which you can use to serve alcohol or present as a gift to your beloved friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Glitter Alcohol Bottles

Supplies you need to prepare glitter alcohol bottles

Before you start, check the supplies to make sure you have everything you need. If you want to refill the bottle, purchase a delicious wine or champagne to fill the bottle. There are many types of wines and champagnes to choose from. Select a wine or champagne that can make your guests say “wonderful”. You can also do this process to an unopened bottle of alcohol. Just make sure it is sealed so no glitter sneaks in.

The supplies you will need to prepare a glitter alcohol bottle are:

  • Empty (or sealed) wine, liquor, or champagne bottles
  • Lots of glitter in a color of your choice
  • Extra strength spray adhesive
  • Crafts patterning tape
  • Spray paint
  • A newspaper or cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Cardstocks and personalized tags

You can easily find these materials in a local craft material supplying store.

How to make your own glitter alcohol bottles

Let's jump in and get started! First, remove all the labels from the bottle. To remove the labels, soak the bottle in warm water and then use a rough sponge to remove the stickers and tags. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to soaking for 2 hours. Once you have removed all the labels, use a mild soap to clean the bottle and then let it dry. 

Step 1: Cover the areas you don’t want to glitter

You can skip this step if you want to glitter the whole bottle. However, you should tape off some areas of the bottle to offer it a unique appeal and also to apply the tag. Use the patterning tap to cover the targeted areas of the bottle. Apply the tape gently and let it stick for a while. To know where the tape is applied, keep the edges open so that you can easily remove the tape once the bottle is covered in glitter.

Step 2: Paint the bottle

If the original color of the bottle is right according to your choice, you can move ahead without painting it. However, when there is a particular holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you should paint the right color according to the occasion. Spray paint is the best to paint wine bottles, or use thick paint from your local craft store. You can quickly paint the whole bottle without letting your hands get dirty. Paint with a brush is also a great idea, especially when you want to get a perfect finish. Put the bottle over a newspaper or cardboard and then paint it. Let the paint dry overnight.

Step 3: Apply the adhesive and glitter

Before continue, place newspaper or cardboard below the bottle to prevent your furniture or floor. Now apply the adhesive all over the bottle. Applying the adhesive with a brush would be great because you can perfectly apply the glue all over the targeted areas of the bottle.

Apply the glitter immediately after applying the adhesive. Don't let the bottle dry once you apply the glue! The best method of applying glitter is shaking the glitter onto the bottle. You can also empty the glitter onto paper and then apply it over the adhesive with your hands. Carefully check for areas where the glitter is not applied perfectly and add more over these areas.

Keep applying glitter to make sure your bottle is perfectly covered in it. If the glue dries before applying glitter, you can again reapply a thin layer of glue over the required areas and add glitter to finish this step. Once you have applied glitter perfectly, let it dry for at least 12 hours. 

Remove the tape:

You can also remove the tape before letting glitter dry. If the glitter is dried up, find the applied tape and remove it gently. Make sure you will not remove glitter. If the tape is glued firmly onto the bottle, carefully use a sharp knife to remove its edges and then peel it carefully.

Seal the glitter coat:

Though you have carefully applied glitter and glued it, this may still get off and spread around your home. You may not like to see your efforts flying around the house, so it is important to seal the glitter onto the bottle. Use a gloss enamel finish to seal off the glitter twice. Spray it carefully all over the glittered region. Apply the first coat and then let it dry. Then apply the second coat to make sure glitter is sealed off perfectly. It will take only 10-20 minutes for drying.

Apply the tag:

You should print personalized tags like "Thank you" "Cheers" "Congratulations" or other tags according to the occasion and then glue it over the glittered bottle as a personalized sticker.

So, that’s how you can prepare impressive alcohol glitter bottles. Try this method to create something unique for your home. 

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