Top Wedding Trends For 2024

With wedding season just around the corner, our analysts put together the top 2024 wedding trends you're guaranteed to see this year. Spoiler alert - it is not Tiffany blue! In this post we will cover trends to identify on your own. There's plenty of good info on how to choose a wedding planner. These tips are for the DIYers and budget savvy brides.  

5. Petals Everywhere

Petals are for more than your flower girl to toss down the aisle. Spread petals across every table for a light and elegant feel. Or carefully arrange them around your flowers and centerpieces to create a whimsical feel.

Rose Petal Arrangement

You can purchase real flowers, but that gets expensive - and messy. (Think stained dresses and carpets - yikes!). We recommend artificial petals to stay on budget and on good terms with your venue. 

4. Romantic Lighting 

Lights, camera, action! Upgrade your venue space by bringing in your own lighting. Cafe lighting was huge in 2023, and we expect it to continue being a trend. But, string lighting is starting to take over! 


Top Wedding Trends


More couples are opting for string lights as centerpieces, decor and accents across their entire event. Flowers are expensive, so integrating string lights is a great way to create a warm atmosphere at a lower cost.

3. Mixing Modern and Rustic

Another secret to hosting a unique event is meshing modern style with rustic classics. Lanterns have been used over the years, but black lanterns are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, opt for copper barn lanterns with a modern twist or put a medieval lantern next to simple white flowers. 

Our favorite mixed modern-rustic trend is putting crystal centerpieces on wooden tables. Add some greenery, and viola! Perfection. 

2. Metallic Accents

Futuristic weddings are coming to light. Bright metallic accents make a bold statement and leave guests wanting more! 


Top Wedding Trends


Customers love our metallic aisle runners for this exact purpose. You get enough material to cut it into any shape you need. Add metallic accents to your centerpieces or create an amazing aisle. Coolest design we've seen - hang metallic pieces around a dance floor!

1. Sequins, Sequins, and More Sequins!

The Number One 2024 wedding trend is sequin detailed undertones. People love soft, sequin linens to dress their dinner tables. And, use the same fabric as a backdrop for a photobooth! Whether your wedding has gold, silver, rose gold, or white flair, sequin linens can be used to create a timeless feel. 

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